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What is that which differentiates humans from other animals around the globe? The answer for this may be many according to the perspective one looks at the question. Learning & Imagination probably is one of those answers which happen to be our current focus this minute. Learning, per say, is an ongoing activity and is not at all restricted to the printed material one learns at initial schooling years. One who feels an unquenchable thirst for enhancing their knowledge keeps learning every second in their life. Our day to day life offers so much of learning that it is purely our capability to accumulate everything and put the same into practice. One important thing to note here is that not all learning can be put into practice at all points of time by everyone.

Learning is of different types. Learning through experiencing life is one thing. Learning using books and printed material is the traditional way. While learning the first way happens in an automatic manner, learning in the traditional manner requires a lot of effort and focus. It is important that one understands the nitty gritties involved in learning. One need to put in streamlined efforts to improve their learning ability in a constant and steady manner. Mastering the knack of improving learning ability will help people to learn anything easily within no time. No one can actually teach anyone the strategies involved to improve learning ability if the person has no inclination to do so.

Learning, from this angle, is a two way activity where one teaches and the other learns. However, learning becomes a self centric activity when the person involved is absolutely keen about learning with or without help. In such cases, the person needs to understand the complete set of strategies to improve their learning ability to a great extent. We provide here 101 ways to improve your learning ability which would help you learn anything in an easy and quick manner.

101 ways to improve your learning ability-learn anything easily

1. Create Mental movies
People who have mastered the art of learning ensure that their brain retains all that their eyes read. This means, as they read through words and lines in a page, they create mental images of what is being read. This establishes a direct connection between what is being read by physical eyes and the brain which stays aloof otherwise. It is a commonly known fact that the capacity of human brain to retain visual images is higher than audio or normal printed words.

2. Ensure the eye brain connection is alive
Eye Brain connection plays a crucial role in the learning process. When you learn something new and you find it difficult to assimilate what is being read, just move your eyes away from the source. Try to revisit mentally what you just read physically. The next time you seem to have forgotten what was learnt, making those subtle eye movements you made at the time of learning will help you recall what was learnt.

3. Be in the best of your moods
When you plan to learn something, it is your time and effort you are investing in the same. Time and effort are two invaluable things you can’t afford to waste. Have this in mind and get into best of your moods even before you start learning. Think about the best thing that happened in your life or something that will bring smile on your face. Just munch through those thoughts for some time and start learning what you wanted to study when you are in the same wave length. Good mood foster speedy learning since your brain is pepped up and ready for feed.

4. Give it a break
Yes it is a fact that when you are trying hard to learn something, putting in the best possible efforts,sometimes it is best to give a break and plan it out in sessions. One point to remember is that you are a human being with blood and flesh. Learning is an activity that is complete only when the brain is able to assimilate what is being learnt. A drained brain refuses to cooperate in the assimilation process. Give it a break. Once every half an hour, just get up from the place you are learning. Walk around a new space. Stretch yourself physically. Your brain will feel respected and rejuvenated.

5. Breathe freely
If you feel drifting away while you are halfway through your learning process, just relax yourself. Sit straight with your back erect. Close one nostril with two of your fingers. Breathe in and out ten times. Repeat the process closing the other nostril and breathing through the alternate one. The relaxed air that travels inside all over the body will make the brain feel rejuvenated. When you return back to learn what you left half way through, your rejuvenated brain will learn easily than it did before.

6. Serotonin – The magic chemical
When our physical body experiences strain, it expresses its need for rest through fatigue. In the same manner, when our brain experiences fatigue, it lets us know its tiredness through lack of assimilation. You will feel lost half way through learning and keep munching over the same points again in a repeated manner. Still, you will find yourself struck with a point feeling paralysed to move beyond the same. This means your brain is indicating that it needs pep up. Have a Vanilla candle lit up in your study area. The serotonin chemical that spreads in the environment will make your brain feel good and energized.

7. Exercise to energize
Is your brain refusing to cooperate and displaying a funky mood? Just change it in an instantaneous manner. Performing mild exercises will activate your brain cells helping it to remember what is learnt in a more emphatic manner. Stand strong on your feet. Stretch both your hands fully in front of you. Fully bend one hand and take it across your body to touch the opposite shoulder. Repeat the same with the other hand. Do this at least 10 times each side. Relax. Lift both your hands above your head fully. Bring the same down. Repeat this 10 times. This will make your brain feel fresh and active.There are numerous exercises that require little to no space which can be done to boost your learning process.

8. Enough sleep is an efficient enabler
Your brain energy is directly related to your sleep habits. A good night’s sleep is one of the best tonics your brain can have than any other medical solution. Ensure you start the learning process after you have had enough sleep that has rejuvenated your body and mind. Inadequate sleep taxes your brain to a great extent disallowing the same from learning effectively. Sleep in fixed times and allow your brain to understand the pattern. When you provide your brain with enough rest, it helps you learn in an adequate manner.

9. Memory tactics
Memory power is not the same for every individual. While some are good at remembering things learnt within a jiffy, some find it extremely difficult to recall what is learnt. Every individual must ensure he finds his own way of improving his or her memory power. If you are good in relating things or numbers with what you study, you may do so. This will help your brain understand your way of remembering things. For instance, a student who is a football fan can associate the word ‘Mess’ by recalling Lionel Messi who is a world famous football player.Hit google and you will find tonnes of memory techniques and choose the one which works for you through hit and trial(Did we say it was going to be easy?I don’t think so.Do the things today which other’s won’t do so that you can have tomorrow what other’s won’t have).

10. Lighting matters a lot
Is it appearing funny when we say lighting plays a crucial role in learning? It is time to understand the role played by lighting in enhancing learning skills in people. Ensure you learn in a well lit environment at all points of time. The brain tends to meddle with the mood based on the efficiency of lighting in the environment you plan to learn. When the environment is dull lit, your brain plays havoc to your learning ability by changing your mood in a lazy and sober one.

11. Belief is important
If you are seriously interested in improving your learning ability then your belief that you can learn well is the key. Mere halfhearted liking or effort to improve your learning ability is not enough. Start believing that you have the capability to learn well. When you start believing in your learning ability, your physical body, your mind, understands your intention in a clear manner. Everything slowly gets ready to help you improve your learning ability in all possible ways.

12. Develop positive habits
Positive habits play a highly significant role in enhancing one’s learning habits. Your brain is at its best capacity when you start your day early. Starting your day early gives you ample time to do many trivial things which otherwise you would have missed. This relaxes your brain to a great extent enabling the same to focus in a more precise and perfect manner. Your ability to learn more comes with positive habits like getting up early, sleeping early, eating on time and exercising in a regular manner.

13. Improve your memory using things
There may be times when you plan to learn some hard portions which have been eluding your capability for some time. Many of us experience situations when we keep learning something again and again only to forget what we learn in a repeated manner. This issue can be overcome if you understand the knack of learning things by attaching key points to things around you. For instance remember a point attaching it to the finger tapping you did when you learnt the same.

14. Can fats make you smart?
Is there any validity in the statement that fats can make you smart? We would say ‘Yes’ and only if the fat referred to here is Omega 3. Eating food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids will help get rid of ADHD calming down the mind to a great extent. Human brain which is predominantly made up fats interacts with Omega 3 fats in a positive manner. Consume Omega 3 fish oil that are free of mercury content so your learning ability increases to unbelievable extents.

15. What you eat decides your learning ability
The more sugary food items you eat, the more exhausted you will feel. In order to feel better, you will require more sugar and you will fall in a vicious circle. During this cycle, your thinking process becomes so hazy that your brain remains cloudy throughout. This slows down your learning ability weakening your memory skills to a huge extent. Get into the habit of eating food items rich in protein. For instance, munching on Almonds and Peanuts stabilizes the blood sugar levels for long period of time increasing your learning ability.

16. Number shape Memory system
Associating every number with a shape is one of the ancient ways of remembering dates and chronology. Remembering dates is no doubt a tough job particularly when they are many in numbers. However, you can improve your learning ability by remembering numbers through the shape they are in. For instance, number 1 can be for Pen, 2 for Swan, 3 for Ears, 4 for Sail Boat, 5 for Hook, 6 for Golf Club, 7 for Cliff, 8 for Hour Glass, 9 for Pipe and Ten for Bat and Ball. When you remember this way, you will learn 1923 as Pen Pipe Swan Ears.

17. Motivate yourself
Motivation is something that guides you to success in all activities you do in an easy and hassle free manner. Anything done without motivation hardly succeeds. Set a plan to learn and do so in a pragmatic manner taking into consideration the most comfortable time and space. Do not postpone learning efforts just because you feel it is difficult and tough to retain. Motivate yourself to get into the space at the time you have set to learn. Approach learning with a positive mindset since this will act as a great motivator.

18. Colors can influence reading
Human brain is a queer phenomenon. It needs to be pepped in different ways at different points of time. If your learning medium is printed one and the book is full of words printed in black color with a white background, the brain becomes finicky. Too long a time of going through such pages makes it get struck at one point of time or the other. During such times, keep a color plastic sheet over the black and white pages and continue learning. Go for a pleasant color plastic sheet so this does not become a cause of repelling.

19. Music is a best friend
Every cell in human body needs periodical rejuvenation particularly when you are involved in productive activity like learning. Learning requires a lot of prolonged energy which must not get bunked for trivial reasons. Hear to melodious instrumental music, probably Mozart will be the best choice. Avoid hearing bass instrumental or noisy metallic sounds since they may take your brain off its hook. Hear to your favourite music whenever you feel your learning ability is sinking down. Music not only improves your learning ability but also increases your memory power by huge volumes.Alpha waves and bin-neural beats can also be experimented with(try youtube).

20. Doing things differently is fun
Our brain enjoys creativity. Too much of any activity drains the brain. In particular, learning for long duration of time drains the brain’s energy to a great extent. Whenever you feel your learning ability is getting low particularly after a tiresome learning session, give it a fun break. If you are right handed, take your tooth brush and brush your teeth using left hand. Go to a place in your house that you rarely visit and observe the things in the space. Such things will not only help your brain relax but make it enjoy the same in a fun filled manner.

21. Burst the stress
Stress is one of the powerful enemies to the performance of brain among the many others. Human brain comes to a standstill or in sharp contrast wanders in an aimless manner when it becomes stressed out. Stress hinders your ability to learn fast with clarity. Your brain does not relish things when Cortisol hormone is released during times of stress. The same brain gets pepped up when your smile releases joyful chemicals increasing its ability to learn by multitude levels. Smile as many times as possible taking breaks in between learning sessions.Read a funny joke but don’t linger on too much with your mobile.

22. Mistakes make learning more effective
Don’t lose heart if you make mistakes during your learning sessions. Remember, to err is absolutely human. Feel happy when you make mistakes since your brain recalls that learning which happen post committing mistakes. It remembers the mistake you did the previous time when you tried to learn what you are trying to recollect. Ensure you do not make committing mistakes a habit, just to enhance your learning ability.

23. Read through a motivating best seller
Assuming that you have been learning a subject for an extended period of time and your brain stops co-operating. You get stuck with the same lines which do not convey any meaning to you but appear blank. This is a signal given by your brain that it needs a change. It is not that your brain does not want to learn but it wants a little bit of diversion. Pick up a motivating best seller book. Start reading random pages. Absorb some motivating pages and then return back to your learning spree in a motivated manner

24. Fragrance makes you feel better
Pleasant fragrances act as Aroma Therapy to your brain whenever you feel blank during the process of learning. Your learning ability appear to be in the abyss. This is when you must opt for fragrances that make you feel good and rejuvenated. Spiced Apple Scent in particular is capable of relaxing your brain waves to a great extent, reducing the blood pressure by considerable levels.

25. Increase your self esteem
Many a time, we feel so low that we search for reasons why we are unable to focus in learning in a constant manner. Our learning ability touches the ground level so quickly that we feel upset that we are unable to pick ourselves up in a quick manner. Try to assess what you did or thought which made you feel low. Next time when you get into such thoughts or do similar things, consciously control yourself. This will help you focus on productive things, increasing your learning ability to a great extent.

26. Think creatively – Think out of box
When you are preparing for a major exam and your learning ability is not to its peak, probably your brain needs a long break. Break yourself free from your learning environment. Losing a few long hours of studies will enable you place yourself on top of the score chart. Get out of the learning environment breaking your normal routine. Go to a place that you have not visited so far or procrastinated visiting the same. Ask questions and understand about new things. Distract your mind as much as possible. It will then automatically co-operate increasing your learning ability by multitude levels.

27. Drive away depression and stress
Learning ability goes down into the drain when you are stressed out or feel depressed. Do not attempt to learn anything when you are stressed out or feel depressed. Do everything possible right from visiting a temple or praying from where you are to drive away the stress. Sleep if required. Disallow depression to demean your learning abilities in any way.

28. Blood flow boosts learning ability
Proper blood flow particularly to the legs boosts learning ability to a great extent. Generally when you learn, you are made to sit in a place for long duration of hours. This obstructs blood flow to many parts of the body including legs. Stand on your legs or make simple leg movements so blood flow happens through the same. This will in turn increase the recall capabilities and focus levels.

29. Breakfast boosts learning abilities
Breakfast is an important meal which many of us tend to skip for silly reasons. Breakfast offers food not only to your physical body but also to your brain. Eating a protein rich breakfast early in the morning helps maintain optimal levels of learning abilities throughout the day

30. Make lunch break a productive one
Learning concepts right from the morning for a few hours may drain you of physical and mental energy many a time. Environment and climatic conditions add to this fatigue. Lunch breaks are apt distraction from learning. Make best use of lunch breaks. Ensure you have protein rich lunch so your brain drain gets away from you increasing your learning abilities in the afternoon sessions.

31. Natural supplements compliment learning abilities
Many natural supplements are available for improving your learning ability. One such natural supplement that improves the learning ability in a huge manner is Ginkgo Biloba(herbal supplement). This natural supplement contains therapeutic properties which energize the drained brain to great levels at all points of time.

32. Day dreaming helps
Many among us have different kinds of wishes which we aspire to come true one day or the other. Whenever you feel low while you are half way through your learning process, just get off the activity. Start day dreaming your favourite aspiration. Enjoy the minute nuances you prefer to experience. This break will improve your learning ability to a super extent, energizing the brain with positive vibes

33. Periodic breaks help mental stature
Taking a break is sure to help you learn in a more effective manner. However, taking breaks in a periodic manner helps more than the normal ones. When you avail your breaks in a planned manner, you brain gets attuned to a pattern and cooperates to the maximum extent. This increases your learning ability.

34. Nature walk nourishes learning
Latent learning skills are something that may take a toll on your mental capabilities. Continuous learning may exhaust your mental faculties many a time. Go to a park or to any place that offers you space to walk. Walking all alone in a natural surrounding gives that rejuvenation the brain needs to exhibit improved learning ability.

35. Focus shift from one subject to another
Sometimes our learning ability tends to reduce when we focus too much on a single subject for a long period of time. You brain refuses to cooperate how much ever you try beyond a point. During such times, close the subject you are learning. For all you know, shifting from a non-technical to technical subject or from a traditional to modern subject will help.

36. Meditate walking
We all know about meditation. There is something called Walking meditation too. As the very word refers to, focusing on walking, our legs, our body position, each and every step we take while walking is termed as walking meditation. When you do this, you distract yourself from learning which relaxes your mind. A relaxed mind increases your learning ability

37. Aspect of learning matters
If you have been studying through a visual mode, for instance, from a book for a long period of time and your brain stops cooperating, switch your mode of study. Learn through an audio media or in a kinesthetic mode. This will give a great extent of relief to your brain improving your learning ability

38. Partial immersion paralyses
Learning ability gets down to its low when your focus is just 50% over the same. Many a time, you may be learning concepts for an exam or some other crucial purpose with half baked focus. Your mind may have been drifting on other practical issues bothering some aspect of your life. This distraction or half baked focus will pull down your learning ability to a great extent

39. Darkness doubles learning ability
There are many among us who love darkness particularly when we sleep. Pitch dark environment provides such a soothing effect that many of us fall into deep sleep without any effort. Darkness many times contributes to positive psychology. Sit in a dark space all alone and allow your mind wander through the wild freely. This will release the stiffness in the same contributing to improved learning ability

40. Hot or cold shower helps
Standing under a shower does not only refresh you physically. Many a time it refreshes your mind to a great extent. Depending on the preference, push yourself under a hot or cold shower for some time. This will relax you physically as well as mentally, increasing your learning ability

41. Learn while hearing music
We saw how hearing to music helps distract yourself from the tedious learning sessions. Music hearing can also be done as a parallel activity to learning. Hearing to music while learning concepts enhances your recalling abilities. The brain remembers what is learnt by playing the particular tune or music bit briefly. This is one of the proven recalling techniques.

42. Reading speed is important
Some subjects could be grabbed when learnt in a fast paced manner while some will require slow reading. Understand those subjects which get inside your brain in an effective manner when read fast and the ones that require you to learn slowly.

43. Using acronyms is an easy way
Right from our childhood, our brain has enjoyed the habit of remembering others using their nick names. Applying the same logic for learning after we grow up, learn to remember concepts through acronyms. Your brain will enjoy remembering concepts and ideas when you train the same through acronyms

44. Draw and capture
Learning through pictures or by drawing something that your brain can easily remember increases your learning ability by multitude levels. Have a pencil in your hand and draw any shape that comes to your mind as you learn ideas and concepts. This will relax you to a great extent disallowing your learning experience to be a tedious one

45. Train to draw images in your brain
As you learn complex subjects, close your eyes and draw an imaginary relativity between what you learn and the realistic aspect of the same. This way, your brain will be able to relate to what you are studying and recall the same in an easy manner when required

46. Relate symbols to learning
Relating symbols to learning is not a new concept. We have done this right from our childhood when we used to identify animals in the cloud formations. In the same manner, as your go through the concept of learning things, attach a symbol to each of them so the absorbability of the brain is at its peak

47. Learn in an aesthetic manner
It is not necessary that you have to stick to a certain pattern that is suggested for learning a particular concept. You can device your own learning aesthetics. For instance, instead of learning things in the same order as given in the book, relate the same to bits and pieces scattered across the book. This will help you learn in a more effective manner

48. Use visual techniques
Do not hesitate to draw plots and graphs when you are studying comparative data or historical ones. Maps, Graphs and plots are some of the visual aids that will help you learn in a very effective manner. Visual techniques not only help in improving one’s learning ability but also contribute in a huge manner to recalling abilities.

49. Learning in a sequential manner
Your brain can easily get confused when you make it run between the pillars to post quite often. Learning without a plan irritates your mind since it does not understand reasons for learning something at all. Make a sequence. Relate them one by one. Learn in a disciplined manner. Such sequencing will increase your learning ability gradually

50. Don’t be so serious. Laugh
Learning is all about seriousness. Laughing has got nothing to do with seriousness. Yet, both these activities complement each other and go well hand in hand. When learning becomes tough and your brain needs a break, do anything that will make you laugh. Laughter relaxes the mind improving your learning ability.

51. Behave in a childish manner
If your brains stop assimilating what you are learning, it means you need to give it a break. Just relax. Make faces. Talk non-sense to yourself. Use gibberish language and make funny body movements. All these will relax you further taking you away from the seriousness you were involved till sometime back. When you resume learning, you will realize an improvement in your learning ability

52. Brainstorming enhances understanding
The concept of brainstorming is an effective way of learning. Many among us feel the fatigue of learning things from a book for extended hours of time. During such times, initiate a brainstorming session on the topic you are learning. Listen without interrupting to every opinion shared. Assimilate each and every point spoken. This will enhance your learning ability multifold in an easy manner.

53. iPods and Podcasts can help
Make the best use of your iPods by converting them into educational gadgets. Upload Podcasts that are relevant to what you are learning at that time. These modern techniques can ease out your learning experience by giving you the required relaxation from the traditional methods.

54. Use the Bineaural Beats technique
Bineaural beats are nothing but a combination of two different frequencies that can be played simultaneously to create the pep environment needed. Bineaural beats, when combined with exercise movements enhances learning abilities into a super duper ones.

55. Writing helps more than typing
Right from our childhood we have trained our brain to hold a pencil or pen in our hand whenever we had to write. Our brain recognizes the act of writing using our hand more than typing using the same body part. Write as much as possible since this helps brain to assimilate ideas in a more native manner.

56. A notebook must be your body part
Ensure you carry a note book with you where ever you go even it means walking meditation. Creative ideas can spark in your mind all of a sudden helping your learning process about a particular concept in a huge manner. In case you do not have a notebook in your hand, you may miss the complementing idea forever.You can also use apps nowdays, apps like wunderlist and evernote helps a lot in noting down instant ideas.

57. Journaling helps in advanced learning
Understand the difference between noting down in a notebook and journaling. Journaling is about everything that comes to your mind. It means marking down in different modes like graphs, plots, ideas in pictures etc. Journaling helps you keep a tab of what you learnt as you passé d by

58. Separate your learning using Tags
Get colored tags you get in all stationery shops. As you reach higher learning stages, jotting down different ideas that pertain to differing areas of study will be a routine activity. During such times, use these colored tags to identify the different ideas in a unique manner. This will enhance your learning ability in a highly organized manner.

59. Learn with clarity
Many among us have the habit of learning in a fixed environment. We feel so comfortable and cozy in a particular environment that we prefer learning there. If you fall in this category, keep jotting down clues and small pointers to your learning in Post-It notes. Pin it on the board. This will help you revisit what is learnt again and again in an easy and repeated manner.

60. Be ready mentally
Talk to yourself for sometime every day. Our learning ability mostly sinks due to the mundane issues we face in life. Self talk helps you relieve yourself from the negative thought that haunts you for a long period of time. Talking to yourself for some time every day will help you focus in what you are learning with added clarity

61. Take the credit you deserve to take
Remember, no one is a junk. Don’t underestimate yourself or the ideas your mind generates. As a process of learning if you get some ideas, respect them instead of discarding them as a waste. After all, only you can find out suitable ideas for improving your learning ability better than anybody else.

62. Find out your motivators
Unless you are convinced why you have to learn, you will not feel like learning. This will keep you away from learning even if you have great learning abilities. Sit quietly and think why you have to learn something. When you get clarity over the reason for learning something, you will automatically feel motivated to go for the same.

63. Goal setting is guided learning
Learning is highly effective when the same is done setting realistic achievable goals. Understand clearly your every day schedule. Plan your learning session in such a manner that it happens at the most fruitful timing and a highly productive manner.

64. Set goals and achieve the same
Setting learning related goals is the first step towards effective learning. However, putting the set goals into practice is the most important aspect. Motivate yourself to put into practice all the learning related goals you have set for yourself. This will improve your learning ability to unbelievable extents

65. Learning is easy
Life is full learning and do not mistake this sentence for philosophy. Learning is a task that happens automatically. Start believing that you can learn any skill you want to learn easily the only pre requisite being the confidence to initiate learning.

66. Keep away from negative minders
Observe consciously who is intentionally and constantly distracting you from achieving your learning related goals time and again. There may be people around you who are hell bent upon breaking your learning goals. Keeping away from them as much as possible will make you improve your learning ability to admirable extents.

67. Restrict yourself
Many a time we let our self loose submerged in self pity. We feel over worked and in the name of relaxation we make ourselves too much of free time. Impose time restrictions to yourself. Be hard on yourself and push towards the deadlines you fix for learning. Constraining self to time limits enhances learning abilities to a great extent.

68. Venture into new subjects
Learning becomes an easy task when you exercise your brain by venturing into varied subjects. Your brain is an all powerful tool and under utilizing the same can also take it off its hook many a time. Allow it to taste a wide range of subjects so it gets out of the mundane experience learning might have given.

69. Cross platform learning
As you venture into varied subjects, the amount of learning that happens increases the level of your knowledge. The wide level of knowledge you gain out of learning cross platform subjects increases your learning ability further. This acts as a complementing agent value adding to your learning ability in an invincible manner.

70. Learning a new language
Learning sometimes becomes a monotonous experience when it happens in the same language for a long period of time. Push yourself into learning a new language. Learning new languages opens the flood doors to increasing your knowledge base. It also offers you the much needed distraction helping you venture into yet to be ventured cultural varieties

71. Learning through multiple modes
Do not restrict yourself to learn only by reading a book. Learning can happen through different modes like by hearing an audio mp3 or viewing a video. Learn subjects through online or a cassette player. When you realize that your learning ability is at its low through one mode, switch to an alternate one. This will help you regain your learning ability back.

72. You need not know everything
Many a time we procrastinate venturing in to a subject because we think we do not know anything about the same. Whenever you have to learn a concept and you feel diffident about the same, get out of the feeling right at the first moment. As you start reading through the subject, you will automatically understand the extent to which you know the subject. This way learning more about the concept happens in an effective manner

73. Multi tasking improves your learning ability
Learn to venture into different subject material at any given point of time. It may appear queer as to how one can venture into different subjects all at the same time. Believe in the capacity of your brain. Munch over a subject. Switch on to a different one when learning ability seems to hit the bottom. You will get back to the earlier one with so much of enthusiasm that without an iota of doubt, it is sure to amaze you

74. Have a holistic approach
Holistic approach of things provides utmost clarity. This is applicable to every aspect of life and more so to the learning aspect. Approach a concept or idea in a holistic manner instead of restricting your limits to the prescribed ones. Holistic approach kindles the interest in the subject to great extents making learning a pleasant experience.

75. Repeated learning improves learning ability
Some concepts and ideas require prolonged learning. Such complete theories needs repetitive learning time and again. Revisiting such complex ideas in a repeated manner consolidates the learning effort, improving the learning ability to greater extents.

76. Focus in the five elements
The five crucial elements that improve the learning ability in people are environment in which the learning happens, the strength of foundation laid for the learning, the nature of the atmosphere in which learning happens, the mode through which learning happens and the manner in which learning is delivered.

77. Exploit technology
If you are in the habit of learning through the online mode, you stand to gain the maximum advantage than others who read through manual modes. Download education applications built for the purpose or learning. Join study groups with common objective and deliverables. Exploiting technology to the fullest extent increases your learning ability by multifold levels

78. Critical thinking is critical to learning
Learning ability requires many key attributes one among the same being critical thinking. Critical thinking fosters analytical skills which in turn makes learning an interesting task. When your analytical skills are upgraded through critical thinking, you learning ability automatically raises up the scale.

79. Complex problem solving skills
Problem solving skills are required not only to lead a peaceful life at all points of time but also to improve our learning ability. Particularly when you are learning a complex problem, learning the skills required to solve the same improves learning ability to a great extent

80. Engage yourself
Simply listening to the lectures given during a class room session will not add value in any way to your learning abilities. Engage yourself in group discussions and participate in an active manner. The various points that come out during group discussions helps your brain absorb points quickly increasing your learning ability.

81. The Pyramid technique
If you find it difficult to learn certain aspects, probably think if you are sure about the basic concepts about the same. If your foundation on the same is not strong enough to learn the advanced concepts pertaining to the area, learning becomes difficult. Have your basics about the concept in place so your learning ability is high when you go in for advanced concepts

82. Video games can teach you to learn
Many traditionalists may consider this as an absurd option. However, when you play the right kind of game that involves problem solving or critical thinking skills, they can teach you a new perspective altogether. Many a time, after playing a video game, your brain will get so energized that you will find apt solutions for your learning related problems.

83. Role play can enhance memory skills
More often it is difficult to remember the features or dialogues of characters. This is applicable more so in the case of History. Role play can be a best solution to improve your learning ability in such cases. When you take a role and enact speaking its dialogues, your brain learns about the character faster than normal situations.

84. Apply the 80:20 Rule
Planning plays a crucial role in improving your learning abilities. Go through your curriculum and understand those aspects that may need 80% of your time and attention. Even a small chunk of 20% of your portion may require this huge portion of 80% attention. This understanding will help you prepare your learning plan improving your learning ability in a disciplined manner.

85. Metaphors and Stories
Right from our childhood days we have remembered moral values, virtues and vices by hearing stories of the olden days. Whenever you are finding it difficult to remember a concept or idea, relate it to an event or metaphor you have heard about somewhere else. This will solve your problems pertaining to memory skills improving your learning ability

86. Travel beyond your curriculum
Sticking verbatim to your curriculum makes learning a compelling experience. The challenge it creates in the mind makes learning an unpleasant experience. Learn to travel beyond your curriculum on the subjects you learn. This will help you learn in a holistic manner and will also improve your learning ability to unbelievable extents.

87. Relative learning
If you find it difficult to learn fractions and decimals, relate the same to real life scenarios. Look at the measurement jar or calculations carried out through electronic calculators and get into the concept mentally. This will ease out the learning experience improving your learning ability in a realistic manner

88. Brain needs more food
Various factors like physical fatigue and environmental aspects may make you feel you do not want to learn. However, the reason why you are unable to learn may be due to the fact that your brain already knows what is being taught. Learn more about the topic and you will notice your learning ability does not suffer but takes in what you thought was impossible.

89. Self teaching enhances learning ability
It is not necessary that you have to learn everything through your teacher or Lecturer. Many a time, your brain may look out for details outside the curriculum. The doubts it create as you go through the curriculum is its way of demanding extra learning. Understand what it communicates and learn more even if it means going out of curriculum

90. Loneliness sucks
Learning concepts and ideas all alone for a prolonged period of time surely takes a toll on the mental health. Even the dullest of the subjects can be made interesting when studied in a group. Explore group studies with peers in the same wave length so the ultimate goal learning is achieved in a comfortable manner. Group studies improve learning ability of many in a single shot.

91. Teach others to learn more
It is a universally accepted fact that when you teach something to others, your brain retains the information you teach in an emphatic manner. Teach others those concepts you want to become thorough on so you can learn more about the same to teach more.

92. Write and store in a single place
Create your own website or Blog and register all that you learn in an organized manner. This will help you track what you have learnt on a given subject till then and what you are yet to learn. When you record in writing what you have already learnt, your brain captures the idea in a thorough manner than earlier.

93. Experience is the best teacher
If you are in the process of learning subjects that would value-add when you have hands on experience, do that. Learning a practical oriented subject in a theoretical manner would naturally not give you as much exposure needed to learn in the perfect way. Experience learning that demands the same since your learning ability will be at its peak when done this way

94. Test what you have learnt
Learning is more effective when you periodically test yourself about what you have learnt till then. Quiz yourself or prepare flash cards to test what you have already learnt. Testing yourself in a periodical manner is one of the best ways to improve your learning ability from time to time.

95. Eat Right
The basic prerequisite to learning anything is, you should not be hungry.If you are hungry your mind will be unable to focus.Sure their might come a time in your life where you have to persevere skipping lunch or may be dinner, but this should not be done in a repetitive manner.Its bad for your health and your learning ability.Eat right kind of food rich in proteins like almonds and walnuts,eat fruits,green leafy vegetables and stay away from fried or oily stuff.

96. Study life balance
Ensure you maintain a good balance between your studies and the other aspects of life at all points of time. Too much of study or too much of whiling away must be avoided. Plan your learning time and the portion you are going to cover. This will help your brain work in its optimal capacity improving your learning ability

97. Be persistent about learning
Just getting inspired by someone who is learning is not enough to learn what you want to learn. Getting inspired to learn is just the beginning. Do not get carried away or demotivated by the different kinds of hardships you may face in your journey to learn something. Persistence pays off.

98. Where do you fit in?
Have a clear idea about where you fit in at all points of time. This will give enough clarity to you making you understand what you have to learn. When you have this clarity, you will automatically push yourself towards learning. Your learning ability this way will improve to unreachable heights making you learn what is to be learnt

99. Exams are not for exerting yourself
Do not strain yourself too much before exams. When you feel stressed out before an exam, you are causing damage to your learning ability. This stress will only further deteriorate your focus levels pulling down your learning ability to drains. Try to party before exams so you can approach the same with a relaxed mindset

100. Approach is important
Learning ability is something that is highly dependent on the approach you exhibit towards the activity. When you approach learning as a fun filled value adding activity, it interests you the most. Make learning your pastime so that you are motivated to spend more of your energy in the same.

101. Being teachable is a must
Being humble and teachable are the two important qualities any good learner needs to posses when they really want to keep learning. As long as you are willing to keep learning no one on the surface of the Earth can destroy you. When you are unwilling to learn no one can really make you learn even the easiest thing in the world. Remember, learning is a never ending continuous process. It only ends the moment the thirst for learning ends.

When you learn more you shine brighter. When you shine bright, you will learn more. Learning and shining bright are thus, in reality, a vicious circle. Learn more. Shine like a star in the sky. Never ever allow your thirst for learning go down in metrics.You have to understand that the pain of learning is the process which would shoot you towards your hopes and dreams,merely wishing won’t work,it never has.This is how you attain anything, by becoming the person you want to be.Don’t be fooled by glamour and excitement, life actually is quite mundane and tasks you need to do are quite challenging.Remember, you need to pass through the fire,to reach the land of your dreams.Its the only way!!



Written by Rama edited by SiteMaster.


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