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Habits of wealthy people

We come across many people in life who astonish us in different ways. Some astonish us through their temperament while some impress us through their approach towards things. Some make us feel awestruck through their knowledge and some do the same by exhibiting their riches. Exhibiting riches is different from being wealthy. People who want to exhibit their richness tend to show off the same by possessing lavish things that they flaunt openly in front of others. On the contrary, people who are wealthy do not do anything intentionally to display their riches. Right from their behaviour to approach towards things and people, everything automatically acts as pointers to their wealthy stature.

The manner in which wealthy people carry themselves and their undaunted approach towards issues takes commoners off their feet. We keep wondering how the wealthy becomes wealthier and why the poor remain the same all throughout their life. We wonder what makes them become wealthier every passing day and search for the secret recipe to become wealthy in all possible ways. Being rich, in reality is different from being wealthy. Earning money is an easier job than becoming wealthy. Anyone who has the intelligence and capability to earn money can become rich sooner than others. However, being wealthy requires a different set of skills that are measurable and immeasurable. Being rich is about having a lot of money or financial assets. However, being wealthy means having many options to use the riches in a prudent manner, having the health to enjoy the riches, having the relationships to share the riches. Many habits contribute to becoming rich and wealthy. Such habits are the secrets and disciplines that many of us long to understand so we can become rich and wealthy too. Let us look at some habits that wealthy people have in common. These are the habits that have made the wealthy people the ones they are today.

Why do all wealthy and successful people have some or the other similar habits?

Wealthy and successful people have some habits and disciplines that make them the one they are today. The surprising fact is that many habits such wealthy people possess are similar in nature. Right from their physical habits, their mental attributes towards accumulating money, their approach towards the habit of spending, their outlook towards converting their riches into wealth and their actions to achieve all these things remain the same.

Wealthy people have some daily habits which means the most to them. They practice certain actions on a day to day basis and never miss to perform the same in a routine manner. The mental attributes that gets fostered in them add immense value to their thinking patterns pushing them to becoming rich and accumulating wealth. Their approach towards spending habits and safeguarding money in all possible ways automatically makes the same multiply in a huge manner. The most important part is that all the physical, mental and emotional attributes of wealthy people combine together in a healthy manner, converting their riches into wealth.

Why should we emulate it?

There cannot be any second opinion if we say that any good habit needs to be emulated. Breaking bad or unproductive habits is the only way to achieve great things in life. We humans are made up of habits and we are actually what we do in a repeated manner. For instance, when we fall into the habit of lying, we become a liar soon. This is because we start excelling in telling lies in such an expert manner that we turn out into a liar gradually. This is the power of habits. Our habits make us what we are in reality.

Having understood the power of habits and their ability to make us or break us, it is evident why we must emulate the habits of wealthy people. The answer is simple. Emulating the habits of wealthy people makes us wealthy soon. Becoming wealthy is a matter of adjusting the gap that exists in the habits of rich people and the poor ones. It is not that all of us who are not wealthy today do not have any of those habits that the wealthy ones have. Many among us live a decent life only because we have inculcated certain habits in us that may be in the list of habits that the wealthy ones practice. This makes the job easy since it means emulating only certain habits of the wealthy which we have not been focussing on till date. Understanding the specific ones and emulating the same will soon make us join the list of wealthy people.

Common habits of wealthy people in general ?

It is not wrong to become addicted to good habits if they are capable of yielding more than the expected results. Being motivated to become wealthy is the first step towards becoming one. Emulating the habits of wealthy people to tread in the paths they marched forward literally takes you to where they are really today. Let us look at some habits that most wealthy people have in common.

Reading – This is one of the habits that every wealthy man in this world possesses. Right from the inspirational Warren Buffet to the famous Bill Gates, every wealthy man on the globe focuses in knowledge enhancement activities regularly. The most sought for knowledge enhancement activity of wealthy people is reading books. Wealthy people spend at least 80% of their time in a year in reading books. They disallow their mind to get distracted in unwanted ruckus by focussing the same in acquiring invaluable knowledge. Even during their travel time, they ensure they hear to audio books that would value add to their personality as a whole. In simple terms, wealthy people spend at least an hour’s time everyday reading books related to personality development and biographies of successful personalities. Here knowledge in true sense resembles actionable knowledge, all those books which provide ideas easily implementable.

Spend less time on TV – Wealthy people spend very little or no time in watching TV. Watching television and spending time on Social Media is considered as time wasters. It is this time that wealthy people use to channelize their investment to become wealthier than they are today. Television programs and Social media act as stress busters, distracting people who belong to the middle class and lower financial sects from their mundane life issues. Since this is not the case with the wealthy ones, they opt to spend their time on productive pursuits over watching television programs or spending time on social media. This is one main area where habits of people who aspire to become wealthy need to change. It is the time spent on television programs and social media which needs to be diverted towards strategizing wealth building activities.

Waking up early in the morning

Another common habit that is prevalent in most wealthy people living today is the habit of waking up early in the morning. This may appear to be a simple and easy habit for any commoner. However, we all wake up to carry on our daily mundane activities and rush to perform a nine to five office work on time. This is not the case with the wealthy people. Wealthy ones wake up early to relax. They use this habit of waking up early to mentally prepare them for the challenging day ahead. They warm themselves up for an active day by meditating and exercising as the first few activities of the day. Waking up early also helps the mind to prepare and schedule your daily goals in order for you to successfully fulfill them.

How to acquire such habits or follow similar patterns relating to individual capability and interest?

What we sternly believe become our thoughts generating words that reflect the same. These words which are the reflection of our thoughts become our actions acting as the basis of our habits. It is what we practice in the form of habits that decides our basic values. These basic values or disciplines add immense value to our life creating our destiny.

Working backwards, if we want to become wealthy, we need to focus in creating habits that can complement our intention to be productive. The habits we create must reflect in our words as well as in our actions. Our thoughts will slowly start hovering around the destiny we want to design for ourselves, which is to accumulate wealth.

Cultivating habits to beat over boredom is not the proper way to propel into one. Habits must be cultivated with the end target in mind particularly when the end target is a tangible one like accumulating wealth.

Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest man on this planet believes in spending most of the time in reading and thinking. He insists that the maximum time be spent on thinking every day. Thinking calms down the mind helping it to take prudent decisions that are less impulsive in nature.

For Stephen King one of the best authors of our time, those habits that a man cannot share openly is the ones which he has to get rid of quickly.

Sean Covey, the author of many motivational books says that people become what they repeatedly do.

Feeling the pressure to start the day with a cup of coffee is not a wrong habit if it gives you the strength and energy to start a productive day. Ascertain what your life goals are. Understand about the habits that pull you back from achieving your life goals. Mimic the habits of the wealthy people living amidst us so we can tread the path in a quicker and easier manner to join their list in the near future.


Written by Rama Ramji edited by SiteMaster


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