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There are a plethora of tips available online. They all will tell you how to be happy. You will come to know that smiling all the time will make you happy. You will get the information that standing straight will make you happy. You will understand how taking time to appreciate yourself will make you happy. The pointers are countless, the suggestions are numerous and the methods are too many. But, do they really work? When night lasts for days, when world deserts you and when stars hide behind the thick veil of sky, would you really be able to smile or give yourself a pep talk? Standing straight would not really get the burden off your shoulders. Then how can you be happy no matter what? Is it an impossible feat altogether? Is happiness unachievable?

The best thing about life is – nothing is impossible. When you set the will you usually do it. Life comes with twists and turns. Life tests like no one else. But, life gives in abundance too. Impossible does not exist in this journey. So, how happiness can be achieved? How?


Before getting into the discussion about the journey towards happiness, it is important to know the definition of happiness.


Happiness Defined

Since the day humanity has become able to think, they are trying to know what happiness is. Psychology has done thorough research on happiness. Neurology has tried to find the answers in the brain tissue formation. The counselors tried to know the answer through human behavior assessment. Yet, nothing could yield result. No one knows what happiness is because – no one knows what would make them happy.

Research says that happiness is satisfaction that comes from life. Yet, do you know what would make you satisfied with your life? What exactly you want from life? The day you know that, the day you find it out and the day you put a name to the desire that is vibrating down the depth of your soul – you would find the definition of happiness.

The tricky fact is – happiness is relative. What makes you happy; might not make your friend happy. For different people happiness comes in different packages. This is an eternal quest, a search that never ends. Yet, it is possible to acquire the sense of fulfillment.


Happiness is Bliss

Problem arises because human beings refuse to accept life in its full color. They want light and not darkness. They want joy and not sorrow. They want wealth and not poverty.

Yet, life is a fusion which comes with all its’ splendors. Light and darkness are the two sides of the same coin. One is incomplete without the existence of another. Joy is interlinked with sorrow. They come together to test human life. You cannot choose one and ignore another.

True happiness comes from acceptance. The day you open your arms and welcome life with everything it has to offer, you will experience the sense of bliss which would last forever. In bliss, you would realize that life is beautiful even in difficulties because wild waves together with rising storm create the best of the sailors.


Happiness is Gratitude

Gratitude is that tool which can make you find the light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t feel gratefulness because you smile. You smile because you are grateful. Now, you might ask what to be grateful about.

You can be grateful about the roof over your head. You can be grateful about the pair of eyes that can see. You can be grateful about the warm meals that you have every day. The list can go on and on. But, the greatest gift of all which you need to say thank for – is your life. You did not have to ask for it. You did not wish for it. You did not urge to happen. Yet, He has blessed you with life. Be grateful for this gift. From the day you start saying thanks, you will find ample of reasons to be happy. Miracles happen every day, people just need to seem them unfolding.

happiness is just

Happiness is in – Not Expecting

Well, yes, the greatest cliché of all is – not expecting anything. This is the hardest to accomplish too. Or, so people say. Expectation usually leads to disappointment. When you act for the sake of performing action and you expect nothing, you become immune to the result. It loses the power to hurt you.

However, to act without expectation – you need to love what you are doing. The love must be so strong that nothing would matter.

Vincent Van Gough kept painting all his life. He could not find even one buyer for his work. Yet, he did not stop. He painted with exhilaration. His love for the canvas was so strong that everything faded in comparison. Without expectation he continued painting.


Happiness is Self Exploration

Lastly, to be really happy, to be grateful, to be able to expect nothing, you need to find yourself. It is must that you go in-depth and explore the deep water of your soul. Some moments of silence every day can do wonder for you. Meditation is a therapy which can both heal you and set you on the right path. No matter how busy you are, no matter how many parties you have to attend – make it a point to sit quiet and let go of all the worries for a while.

The fear needs to die. The scars need to heal. Then only, you will smile because you want to. You would not stand straight, you will stand tall. You would not take time out to pep talk yourself, you will motivate others with your words and your life.

written by Aditi Ghosh edited by SiteMaster

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