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Many of us have been there when our loved ones were behind the glass doors that screamingly wrote I.C.U on its visible side.Even though there are plenty of people standing outside those doors, none can go beyond those as visiting hours are less.Its all for the betterment of the patient actually but we sometimes are so emotional for the people admitted inside ,that we don’t understand the intricacies of the hospital staff in such scenarios.

If somebody in your family has been admitted in emergency you could relate to the following statements which i am about to make here.We are always so concerned with the way the hospital staff treat our family members(specially your father, mother,spouse,children,any elderly grandparents) that we forget that every other person is as concerned for the person he/she has brought to the hospital.In all of this imbroglio ,we think of us as sole people going through all the life’s complication as if all the bad things are happening to us only,staff is not listening, too much crowd,doctor’s too busy to speak,other people are quarrelling over minor issues and rest of the stuff. Nobody stops and think that the other person is just as lost,confused,scared and angry as you and he/she also want the betterment of his/her family member. We don’t think like that because to be honest we don’t care about other people,at the bottom of human emotions is a mean vicious kid who wants the earth to revolve around him, we want to feel like the sun all the time in our life but naively forgets that sun needs to constantly emit solar radiation that keeps our planet inhabitable.What radiation are you emitting? Are you treating the other people who have come just as worried as you with some respect, are you treating those people with genuine care for their situation, or are you religiously feeling their pain as you feel for your loved one.If not, why do you expect a better reaction towards yourself from everybody?why do you expect people to treat you and your loved one with some uniqueness and VIP status?

Here comes the thinking which i’ll coin as Special status thinking.Due to some appointment and position some people amongst us hold in various government and private institution, we have instituted a term such as “VIP” which means Very Important Person.This simply means that some people are far more important than other people and the loss of whom will paralyse the state or organisation functioning for a little while and the future of the organisation or state depends on people like them. Darwin’s theory suggests of something called “Survival of the fittest” in his thesis which can be clearly seen in the competitive,deceitful, greedy and corrupt world we are living in.Whether you believe it or not,corruption is a state which the world demand themselves, people are corrupt because the money which is being generated this way is running their home in some way or the other, whether their family knows about it or not(PS: I am not talking about those fat cats who have more than enough and still are corrupted,they have reasons such as maintaining their dominion status).

What we are getting to is, until we get rid of this VIP status and treat everyone equally ,we are not going to progress as an advanced society.Until we amend our laws,change our thinking and start treating everyone as a part of the larger picture where each one of us has a responsibility to cooperate in,we are never going to understand and moderate our behaviour for each other which is the need of an advanced society,a society where everyone is educated to the point of applying common sense to their work which is helpful to society and this world as a whole , this in turn will lead to the advancement of the society and create an upward development circle where all the members are contributing significantly towards coexisting with nature’s gift to mankindĀ  . This doesn’t mean there won’t be any chaos as if you think from the top down perspective ,no logical fat cat(the so called leaders of our world) wants their subjects or inhabitant to realise their true power.That power is peace and peace is the answer, peace in all aspect of our life is the answer to all our problems. If we stop competing with each other,stop fighting with each other in terms of “who started this war”, if we stop blaming each other for all our problems and realise that our brain has not evolved at the pace as our technology is evolving, we still possess the animal brain which we had in our previous ancestral species homo erectus , we will come to the logical conclusion that we don’t need leaders anymore. We all are leaders in our own fields, the system is not required anymore.The system is what is enslaving us all, we can operate independently and contribute towards a society that is equal, non-biased, where everyone deserve the same care and treatment irrespective of the work they perform in the society.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, this is a truth that we need to understand.The need is to develop a new open system, where war, instability ,recession,malnutrition will be the words of the past,where each and every member will be adequately compensated for his/her ideas for the betterment of the society irrespective of his/her job profile and whatever contribution he is making to the society,where everybody’s idea matters and would seriously be taken into consideration, a thinking, growing,healthy society coexisting with nature. Off course this open system will have its challenges at first, but eventually it will be accepted as most of the ideas/systems shunned were later embraced by the same people who were against it at first.

I would like to end with the anecdote i have started with, if only we realise that we are all in this together and stop competing with each other for treatment and care , that is the time when we will develop a higher and advanced society worth living into.In these time of corruption, scandals, war, riots, arson,loot and agony ,we need to remember that human animal brain is still overpowering us and in order to raise our standard to the next generation society we need to develop our brain and our thinking, to the day where there is no need of reservation, differentiation based on caste , colour ,creed and status,where everybody has only one status and that is “Human”, a responsible, contributing member of the society in whatever way it feels so.We dream of a society which is free from all this hooliganism, a society where everyone is considered equal, where there is enough for everyone and there is no need to be corrupt or no power struggle going on.A society where no passport is needed to travel, all the world becomes one and together as a species we coexist.

This might not be possible right now considering the current generation and problems that we face in this world today, but we do believe that this is the future and whether we like it or not, the millennials are becoming aware of this fact.Everybody is getting aware of this fact of kingdom politics, hereditary patronage to parties and throne.We need to break these shackles and create a world of our own, where capitalism won’t be needed anymore, where contribution to society would be to survive and develop as one world,not different countries.Remember until we stay divided, some people will be using us and using our emotions against us.The trick is to control your emotions and think logically in any given situation, this is the secret of the elite who has used the biggest resource ie the human resource to its advantage and greedy intentions.Think about it, if there were no emotions, there wouldn’t have been no wars. Millions dead in wars across the world(that keep taking place for one reason or the other), what have we gained?Nothing but permanent scars in the heart of all the family members affected in such fiasco.Imagine if all those human manpower could be used to build something of significance to humankind, something that protects us against the wrath of nature, something that cures any disease that humans are susceptible to, something that technologically advance our methods of deep knowledge in all areas of our lives to make our life better.Where would we all be today?

Leonardo da Vinci was believed to be the greatest artist, inventor,anatomist of the Renaissance period but in his life he wasn’t able to finish or fructify many of his work due to constant wars between the Italian states such as Florence, Milan and Naples etc and also between other empires present at that time such as the Ottoman empire in the east and the french empire in the North-west .These wars constantly interfered with his work as whenever he would work his way up the ladder, the top hierarchy is sabotaged & overthrown by such events and he needs to find other places to showcase his talents and fructify his ambition.We believe that because of these events he was not able to realise his plans and constructions of various machines such as the flying machine,the long crossbow and some other inventions which were near and dear to his heart.Though later on after his demise, his designs were used to construct some of the modern machines we know of today,don’t you think it would have been more pleasurable to such an incredible man if he had been able to achieve all he knew when he lived rather than attaining immortality status after he died.After all, what good is your work if you are not able to take the pleasure out of it while you live.The world is filled with talented people who never sees the light of the day, doing something else than they are gifted to do all throughout their lives.People should be ready for a change as change is necessary for our survival as species.We have high hopes from the future and would like to motivate everybody to dream on everyday.

Written by Pawan edited by SiteMaster







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