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We all know this is the most difficult topic to deal with.We all have some or the other bad habits and have tried to get rid of it consistently over a period of time.But something hold’s us back?Something doesn’t let us keep that resolve?Something get us back to smoking that cigarette again,something get us back to eating like a pig again after that new year resolution of losing weight,something get us back to sleeping like princesses when we know we have work to do which might be beneficial for us in the near future.So why do we do this?

Meet the real enemy “Instant Gratification”.Yes, in simple words we as human beings are wired to go for instant pleasure,be it sex,excessive sleeping,excessive eating,cigarette,narcotics and drugs,etc.There are innumerable ways to pleasure yourself.All of these path are leading to 100% Guaranteed failure,a person who has no goals,no path set up for himself ,will automatically be led in these directions.Porn industries are set up because they know this secret of human tendencies.They know we are bound to pursue pleasure sooner or later.Why?Ask yourself that question,there are a number of excuses that you may find to be related to you .”I really had a bad day today”,”I was going going going at work but nothing is materializing for me”,”My girlfriend dumped me”,”My parents are always fighting,they don’t have time for me”,”Nothing works out for me”.You can and will give yourself a number of excuses which will accelerate your descent to dig your own grave with self pity and loathing .We as human beings are more open to the ideas of living the present day, like there is no tomorrow.Little do we know that the future is coming fast and if you don’t prepare for it,you will be found off guard without any instrument to shelter you through your old age.Don’t you find it strange that the prime media always talks about the wrong in the society when there is equally good happening in the rest of the world,why everybody is attuned to the attitude of “Thank god its Friday”?Why we want the government to handle all our problems?.



Living it today is by all means a good attitude by virtue,but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the future.You have to live in the manner that makes your life enjoyable in the present situation whatever you are currently having,whatever you are currently doing,but it also encompasses the reality that the future will demand from you.See the world with open eyes,switch off the television sets for god sake’s,and try to find yourself in the midst of this chaos.The Gen Next is so busy in partying and their digital world that they are not able to realize the impending doom upon them.We as this next generation are forgetting the basics,the basics that our ancestors knew to live a more happier and full fulling life.

The Gen Next Technology that is going to be quite exciting is the “Internet of things” concept,this is the next revolution that is coming and going to sweep the world in the next few decades(Judging by the advancement of technology,a little earlier).It simply means that such smart cities will be built that will know your every move,your every habit by using your previous patterns ,for eg your work destination would be known to your car(see Google self driving car concept),if you have a particular snack every time when you go to watch a movie,it will be registered and from next time the snack would be automatically delivered to you.You can see changes that are already happening around you.See the amazon automatic stores that are being set up(under trial currently),where you just walk in,pick what you want and walk out and the amount will be automatically debited from your account registered in amazon.What does this mean?Every company or industry giant is looking to capitalize on the most basic of human habits,Laziness .Yes you heard it right, being lazy is so much pleasurable.It is the most basic of the human tendency. If we give you an option of home delivery the exact same product you want,with the exact same quality you want and the price tag lower than any of the retail stores nearby your house,what would you do?Simple,its good logic to buy online a product that is delivered to your house conveniently without you having to go outside,waste the gas of your car and waste your energy.To some extent this is all good.Until the technology serves you it is all good,but when you let the technology become your master what would happen?

Two things will happen,you would be so used to this process that your laziness index would not let you do anything productive.Secondly,if you are too lazy you would be ignorant of the happenings around you which will actually be beneficial for your employer,government or anybody who require your services just to the point where your job description requires you to be.Your power of reasoning and questioning will be affected.You will be the modern slave if you don’t break the shackles and choose your own path now.

Now you will say , then what to do ? stop the progress?No way, you cannot stop the progress, it is impossible,this government or that government ,progress is bound to happen.You just have to learn to adapt to the progress.You need to learn letting go of your bad habits and choosing good habits instead that will serve as your vanguard in preparing for your future.Letting go of bad habits is very difficult,letting go of your favorite porn,your 10 hours sleeping time,your favorite football match,your favorite sitcom,your favorite cheese sandwich,your drinking night out with buddies,cigarette,narcotics & drugs,all these and innumerable other habits that you do have is very painful and  most people would not be able to go cold turkey(leave instantly) on every one of their habits.But what if i told you there is a way out of this,what if i told you there is a simple and efficient way to leave every one of your bad habits without any withdrawal symptoms?What if i told you ,you could easily lead the life you want if you make small insignificant changes to your daily routines which would not seem like much?

bad habits

The path to salvation only if you choose to take it is a very simple and clean process.You just have to remember the basics again:

1.Find a reason within yourself for the change(it should be personal to you):It could be anything,it could be that you want to change your life because you don’t want to feel helpless all the time,it could be that you want to get over the spontaneous failure your life is giving you,it could be an instinct within you that is constantly generating voices inside your head to change for the better.It could be anything.As long as you don’t find your why, the steps below describing the what will not help you.Remember before will power,you have to know about why power.

2. Start small :When you were a baby you were only able to move your arms and legs at first,then you started to crawl slowly,then you started to walk using walkers,then you slowly started walking over the years,only years later when you have walked comfortably you started to run.This says it all,when you know your why, you need to find a target,for example for a chain smoker , a simple target can be to smoke only 2 cigarette a day and eventually make a time plan when you won’t smoke any cigarette .To help soften the craving and withdrawal,you need to know that a habit is formed because we have done that exact same thing on that exact time of the day ,everyday for at least more than a month.Our mind if you haven’t read the earlier blog post ,works in a way that provides friction to all the things that hurt us or makes us feel overworked.It simply means that once a habit is formed ,it is very hard not to do it or stop it instantly,specially a pleasurable experience of a drag after a dinner.But this activity which feels seemingly insignificant at that time,may accumulate over time to form a big disaster as the time progresses.This is the reason why most teenagers are unable to quit smoking as at that particular time nothing seems to go wrong,everything seems to be dandy at that moment,everybody seems to remember the good times in life.If after smoking one cigarette,you would have got cancer,would you have dared to have a cigarette?We don’t think so.This is the reason why cigarette companies are never going out of business, as they know their product is self selling.They don’t need to play an advertisement for it.They proudly say it on the packet too that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and it could cause cancer.And we all do it anyway as nothing seems to happen at that particular moment.We have all heard and seen examples in numerous books that people who have quit positively are the people who decided to quit and held on to their promises.Yeah ,that strategy could work,only if you have a strong enough “why”.What about the rest of the people,people who cannot find a strong enough why,people with no family,no home and no reason to live,how can they do this?The answer is to start small,this small little change could bring wonders into your life,whatever your goal is,whatever your target is,you have to start somewhere so start small.

3.Start educating yourself: We could only offer a tidbit on leaving bad habits in this blog, but if you are really interested to get over bad habits you could go online and open up the vast majority of videos and guides that may help you in your healing process.Such materials could be found for any topic and for any habits that you may have and want to get rid of which is bogging you down and not letting you be the person who you really want to be.

4.Replace the bad habit with a good habit:Why is that the person who excessively drinks and smokes is never found exercising(leaving few exceptions),i am talking about the general population here?Why is that a person who is obsessed with porn have numerous dating account even though he may have a beautiful family with children of his own?Why is that a person who is lazy is always lazy no matter where he is,be it work, be it play?All of this is because they have nothing better to do,this is the truth.It is so simple,the answer is so simple that it may blow your mind.Often the answer to most our problems lies in simplicity but we try to complicate it up by overthinking everything.You just have to slowly replace a bad habit with a good habit and see the difference in yourself.For example you drink and smoke a lot,you decide to change yourself,instead of hitting the happy hours after the office why not hit the gym?why not? Ask yourself that question.You could hit the gym as well,you could put your running shoes and sweat it out a little.Now you would say to us ,you don’t know what i go through in office, how hard my life is and all other bullshit that you have made up yourself in order to justify that mind of yours that there is nothing you could do and you are already too late.We are here to tell you to shut your crazy thoughts and do the stuff that will change your life.Yes it will be hard,it will be punishing but the future rewards will be exemplary.Everyday your life will improve and you will thank yourself for hitting the gym everyday,your stamina will improve ,the way you look will improve.You have to be aware of what you are doing and then replace it with a good habit.Please watch the video below to understand the depth of the words which we have highlighted above:


This another video by “watchwellcast” can also help you clearly understand your habits and amend your routines,you need to understand that whatever you do,you have to do it one step at a time.Focus on one bad habit,replace it slowly with a good habit and keep repeating the process until you let go of the bad habit.I again reiterate ,if you don’t have a strong enough why,you won’t be able to continue on this journey.So find your why before you start on this journey or make it stronger eventually with time,otherwise you will quit this journey and you won’t ever be able to get back on the track.


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