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Many things in life demand different set of skills from what we possess as our basic capabilities. Such things may be one of our situations or the challenges we constantly face in life and many more. Grooming ourselves in a constant manner is the only way we can meet the demands thrown by life on us in a constant manner. Life sometimes appears to be an ocean of problems throwing varying types of monsters on us time and again. Unless we know to swim across the ocean the monsters may swallow us easily. This analogy applies to real life also. We need to keep updating ourselves in terms of knowledge and skill sets.

Problems in reality, is nothing but gifts that life gives us from time to time. Considering the real sense of the word gift, problems must be considered as motivators. As much as gifts motivate us must problems also be motivating factors. Every problem tends to teach us a valuable lesson which if learnt and imbibed in practical life will lift us to the next step in life. Problems help us gain experience not through the solution we find out since solutions are specific to problems. Problems gift us with experience that makes us matured in approach over the many aspects of life. It requires high levels of tenacity and persistence to find out solution for problems. Some of us are good in identifying problems. Many of us are good in dwelling in the same. Most of us live with the problems without taking any initiative to solve the same. Only very few among us really try to solve the problems. People who work on solutions for problems instead of dwelling in the same are termed as leaders.

Just the willingness to solve problems is not enough. We need to take some concrete steps to work on solutions for the same. Let us look at the various aspects of solving problems and the structured way in which the same can be achieved.

The different kinds of problems we face in life

We face problems of different kinds in nature. The problems we face in life fall into two main categories namely personal and professional. Irrespective of the categories, some problems remain common and constant to most of us during our life time. Let us look at some such major categories of problems that all of us tend to face in a day to day manner.

  • Emotional issues

Humans are a bundle of emotions. We get ruled by innumerable emotions that are responsible for changing our personality, attitude and temperament as a whole. Emotions define our character as life progress. Emotional issues are constant in nature and keep flowing like a wild river in a non-stop manner. Emotional issues, due to their volatile nature create mental health related problems of many types. Some mental health related problems created by emotional issues are psychiatric issues, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, relationship problems, eating disorders, parents and children relationship issues and teen age concerns. Anxiety and stress related issues play a crucial role in determining the levels of peace we experience in life. Depression is one of the main causes apart from mood related issues creating many kinds of problems that are both emotional and mental in nature. Problems which are emotional in nature lead to mental issues. Mental problems, if not handled in the appropriate manner and tight timing may make the problems more acute in nature.

  • Problems related to life Management

Many among us suffer from such problems in life that makes life absolutely difficult to live. Let us look at some common problems faced by many of us in our mundane routine life.

Spouse or domestic abuse, marital conflicts between couples, varying types of victimizations, intimacy issues pertaining to sexual life and emotional compatibility, conflicts in relationships particularly among peers, socializing issues and parental care, issues arising out of threats of various types, finance related problems including debts, credit unavailability, lack of ability to repay loans, loss of income and money related conflicts, medical and health related problems and property related issues pertaining to ownership and payment and bereavement related mental conflicts.

  • Profession related problems

Profession related problems range between getting a job on time to working efficiently, getting promoted with proper recognition, on time receipt of salaries in fixed periodicities, developing required skill sets in a periodical manner, shifting jobs, change management related to the same, ability to plan for retirement, losing job abruptly for various reasons like downsizing and termination etc.

  • Addiction and medication problems

Many among us suffer from issues related to addiction pertaining to drugs and medication at various stages of life. Drug abuse related issue and Alcohol addiction consume a major portion of healthy life leaving people back with shattered health conditions. Relapsing of medical conditions, treatment for the same and recovery form medical conditions also acts as major stress causers in the life of many people. The mental trauma experienced by people due to the many life experiences they receive from time to time causes a huge disconnect between the present and their state of living in many people. Many suffer from mental trauma caused by issues like abuse, accidents, physical injuries, assault, sexual harassment, natural calamities and childhood traumatic experiences.


Though the problem list given above is only just the tip of the iceberg, the list is still massive. One faith that can help us out of each of the problem listed above and not listed above is that every problem comes with a solution. It is important that we approach every problem with a positive mindset to find out appropriate solution rather than with a negative mindset to yield to the pressure it creates. What is more important is to having the willingness to find out solution for every problem and not to aggravate the problem to create unwanted issues to others involved. Desire to solve issues does not really solve issues. So what else is required? Let us see about the magical component that helps solve any type of issue in an amicable manner.

Willingness – The magical component that brings about solutions to problems

Willingness to do something is the first step towards change. Anyone who is willing to change things feels motivated to find out ways to do the same. A lack of willingness to solve problems does not make people initiate anything productive. Willingness to solve issues creates the ability in people to find solutions to problems people face in their life. Willingness is that magical component that opens the flood gate to great achievements by providing the right direction through knowledge enhancement.

Willingness to find out solutions for problems in life increases the self esteem of people concerned in the process. It gives the courage to handle problems in a more matured and calm manner since your mind is ready to co-operate with you. This is one of the main advantages of being willing to find out solutions to real life problems. Willingness thus becomes the basic ingredient for solving problems and acts as the beginning for the same.

While willingness acts the first step towards problem solving, just having the same will not sort out the same.

Why just wishing isn’t going to solve your problems? What else is needed?

Just wishing to solve problems will never solve any problem but acting on the willingness is the key to solving problems. Taking massive actions in a determined manner to find out solutions for life problems helps us solve every problem in a favorable manner. It is important to move an inch towards solving problems rather than just having miles and miles of intentions to solve the same. A clear understanding of the ingredients required to solve problems is the basic necessity to come out of the same. Problem solving involves systematic approach to the problem. Let us look at the process that would help in solving problems in a systematic manner.

  • Understanding the exact problem
  • Finding out available alternatives to solve the problem
  • Write down in easy steps the pros and cons involved in implementing each alternative
  • Choose the plan that has more positives to offer
  • Carefully break your decision pertaining to your choice into smaller tasks
  • Implement the tasks one after the other

Every step mentioned above is important. Not only is every step mentioned above important but also their line of order plays a significant role in finding out solutions to the problems in hand. Let us have a detailed look at the importance of every step mentioned above so we do not skip any of the same during the solution finding process.

  • Understanding the exact problem

This is a very crucial beginning in the problem solving process. We need to clearly understand about the exact problem we are facing. Instead of getting carried away by the effects the problem has created for us, thinking with a calm mind about the exact problem is recommended. We need to think end to end so the intensity of the problem is clear to us in a complete manner. Understanding the exact problem leads to clear thinking to find out the best possible solutions to the problems experienced

  • Finding out available alternatives to solve the problem

The next logical step in finding out solutions for problems is searching for all available options. The clear understanding of the problem helps us think in a rational manner to assess about the best possible solution to the given problem in hand. When we do not get carried away by emotions, we tend to think in a matured manner applying the perfect logic possible. This helps in arriving at the choice of solutions that offer best possible relief from the problem being experienced.

  • Write down in easy steps the pros and cons involved in implementing each alternative

When we are ready with the choice of solutions available to sort out a problem under discussion, we need to understand about the pros and cons of each of them in a detailed manner. Weighing the pros and cons of each problem leads us to a situation where we are able to foresee the probable good and bad that every choice may inject. A clear idea about the same will help us have a holistic look at the situation in a comprehensive manner.

  • Choose the plan that has more positives to offer

After thoroughly assessing the pros and cons of all the choice of solutions shortlist the ones that has more positives. Ward out the ones that has more negatives than positives. Revisit the shortlisted plans for the perfection of details chalked out in the same. Modify if changes are required in the same.

  • Carefully break your decision pertaining to your choice into smaller tasks

Once you have decided on the plan out of the shortlisted ones, ensure the same is broken down into smaller tasks that are easily implementable. Review the tasks and arrange the same in a logical manner. Add, modify and delete as per requirement and after thoughts. This is one of the important stages in the process since the final step of implementation depends wholly on this breakup done in a thought about manner.

  • Implement the tasks one after the other

After careful breakdown of the tasks in to simpler ones, start implementing the same in a structure manner one after the other. Ensure every task is executed in a well thought about and planned manner. Any gap in the implementation of tasks will fizzle out all efforts taken in this regard right from the beginning. A step by step implementation of smaller tasks will lead to finding out the solution for the existing problem. Any solution found out following the above process in a meticulous manner will act as a permanent one.

How can you solve any problem you may have under any circumstances?

Problems seem to be a never ending problem. Right at the time when we feel relieved that we have sorted out a problem does the other problem stare at our face. We start the process of finding solution all over again for the new problem. Most of our time seems to be spent on handling problems and finding out solutions for the same. We feel stressed out due to the lack of time to handle issues one after the other. We keep hopping from one problem over the other and the marathon appears never ending. Many a times, the over flowing nature of problems makes us seek temporary solutions for the same which rises its head after sometime when we are amidst some other problem. We run behind options to find out a permanent solution to the same problems for which we found temporary solution earlier.

Solving problems is an art. It requires a lot of mental capability to find appropriate solutions to problems. Problem solving is in reality a leadership quality. Great leaders do not approach problem with a linear vision but tend to look at the same with a holistic approach. For them all problems are one and the same just in a different packing. Solving a problem becomes an easy task when we undergo a temperament shift. Approaching a problem as a distraction irritates us drifting us away from finding solutions. When problems are looked as improvement enablers we will be able to find solutions that are strategic in nature.

It is actually easy to solve any type of problem provided we approach the same in an honest and matured manner. When you solve the problems approaching the same in a pragmatic manner, any problem irrespective of the circumstances becomes simple ones to handle. Some practical tips are given below to solve any type of problem in a quick manner. These tips deal more with the management of mental capabilities and temperament rather than any sort of general management techniques.

  • Accepting that a problem exists is the first requisite. Many of us tend to cheat ourselves as though nothing has happened and everything is fine around us. We just try to ignore the problem thinking that the same will get sorted out automatically as time passes by. However, this will not help in any way. Whenever you face a problem, accept the fact that there is a problem and it needs a solution.
  • Approaching the issue with a calm mind, think of the worst scenario that the problem may cause. Being mentally ready to face the worst scenario calms us down to think about possible better scenarios. This also helps us to chalk out the available alternatives.
  • When you accept the problem surrounding you with all honesty, the fear within you vanishes. You get mentally ready to face the next war with complete arms and ammunitions. Clear cut knowledge about the problem makes you get ideas about winning the problem over through solutions that are practical in nature
  • Seek help shirking off any inhibitions. Many around you might have faced the same problem and found appropriate solutions too. Even mentally, seeking the help of others will give you the strength to face the situation in a confident manner rather than fighting the battles all by yourself. Remember, freeing yourself from the clutches of ego that only you know everything helps you solve many problems easier than you think. The other reason why you must ask for help with open mindedness is that it will generate many options based on the experiences of different people.
  • Despite coming up with perfect solutions, many a time we tend to fail owing to wrong timing or lack of proper implementation strategies. After all, not all of us need to be good at everything we do. It is during such times that you need to stand confidently staring straight at the face of failure. Successful people are never afraid of failing. Failures do not make them give up trying. They look at failures as stepping stones and keep developing in life.
  • Be an 80:20 person when it comes to solving problems of any type. Try to find solutions for your problems 80% of your time. The maximum time frame you can use for whining or complaining about the problem is probably 20%. Groom your mental attributes to work in this ratio always to avail maximum solutions at the minimal timing at all points of time. An opposite ratio may land you in deeper trouble making life miserable to handle.
  • Problems are like Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease when left unattended to worsens the conditions of patients with passing time. In the same manner, the more you procrastinate in with the problem, the intense it becomes causing heavier stress and damage. Address problems you face in life without wasting time so the same can be nipped right during the budding stage.

Many problems in our life are created due to lack of communication skills and improper understanding of things. Improving our listening capabilities will help us develop our comprehension levels. When we work on our communication skills and comprehension levels, we tend to create fewer problems for ourselves. An improved vocabulary always helps in communicating in a positive manner than a poor vocabulary with which we struggle to communicate in a positive manner.

Problem solving is a skill that gets better with experience and time. One of the main components that are required to solve problems of all sorts in an effective manner is persistence. Most of us tend to give up trying while being almost at the verge of finding a solution. This spoils all the efforts taken during the process aggravating the problem further. Critical thinking as well as creative thinking plays a crucial role in finding out solutions for problems that arise from time to time.

Henry Ford one of the best entrepreneur of our century says that most of us spend more time and energy going around the problems instead of trying to solve the same. Albert Einstein, one of the best thinkers of our era says that we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. The world would not have been enjoying Microsoft products if Bill Gates was not efficient in solving problems that arose in his professional life. The same applies to Narayana Murthy, Azim Premji and many other successful entrepreneurs of our day. Remember, when you learn to solve problems, you can handshake with success always.


Written by Rama Ramji edited by SiteMaster


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