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Ravi was an IT professional and had a home in a buzzing city.He was unmarried, had a breakup recently because his so called girlfriend married some NRI because of “legitimate parental pressure”. His career seems to be going no higher than his head, he was exhausted after his job every single day and naturally getting depressed day by day.

Ravi had rented an apartment on the 5th floor of a building, his apartment building was so located that he had a good view from both sides of his home as the windows were placed according to a good engineering plan for cross flow and ventilation.His bathroom however had sufficient/considerable light but lesser than other areas of his house due to the construction plan of the bathroom of the apartments in that building, natural light was adequate though.

On a chilly November morningĀ  , he was bathing in his bathroom and he saw a pigeon who had just started making her nest on the outer ledge of his bathroom window.He opened the mesh window door and threw out the little sticks and straws the pigeon was using to make her nest.He finished his bath, dressed up and went to work.When he returned from work he was exhausted, his boss has been typically hard on him for delaying some project once again. He opened a beer from the fridge, sat down in front of the TV and started calling his friends over for a get together as it was a Friday night.

None turned up, as most of them had plan with their girlfriends or wives, left alone he had too much beers,he also had some whiskey and vodka shots as beer seems to be not doing the job.He went to the bathroom to take a leak ,while he was relieving himself, he heard weird sounds, like someone was moving outsides his bathroom window.He lit his smartphone torch to see .There was that pigeon again, who had now completed her nest and was giving it final touches.In a fit of rage ,he picked up the wiper,opened the mesh door of the window and destroyed the nest with repeated strikes and then threw the leftovers away.During this strike , his bathroom really became messy with all the straws and sticks scattered all across the bathroom.Immediately after this he puked, sat down near his toilet and cried, he cried for his circumstances, he cried for his life of what it has become as of now, he cried and prayed to god to shine some of his white light over him and tell him the way to happiness and success.After sobbing for about half an hour he slept near his toilet, only to wake up feeling disillusioned and nauseated.His head was hurting with hangover and he was feeling dehydrated.He picked himself up and guided himself back to his bed and slept some more.

After waking up, he had some pills to curb the headache, two bottles of water and some cereal.He read the morning newspaper while drinking his morning tea which he was fond of.He went to the bathroom to clean it up and do his morning routine, only to find the pigeon sitting on the nest which she had completed overnight(somehow) and trying to lay eggs.”She must have survived the recent drunk night strike”, Ravi thought to himself as he remembered the whole fiasco. This time he was fascinated rather than being angry and reflected on himself while he was doing his morning routine.He thought of the pigeon who he was fighting against and the persistent attitude of the pigeon to continually gather the will and nest materials to build the nest instead of being repeatedly thrown out/destroyed by him.He felt small,so small that something inside him changed.He finished his routine, got up and thanked the pigeon and stormed out.

Ravi have had an epiphany , yesterday when he was crying to god to show him a way, he now believed that this was god’s way of telling him the answer and as he believed , everything changed for him.After this event he started dressing smart, keeping his house clean, did all his chores, started running and going to gym,changed his perception about life.He associated himself with the pigeon who can withstand anything, even the drunk surprise strike and still can muster up the courage to build his nest again from scratch, stick by stick,to lay his eggs.He found himself to be the pigeon who was being hammered from all directions by his circumstances and yet was not reacting like the pigeon, instead he was diverting his anger elsewhere.He now realised that in order to change his life , he needs to get up and step up his work, he needs to build his nest overnight before the mad man strikes and he needs to keep building the nest even if sometimes his plans fail because if he doesn’t , how will his life ever get to wherever he want it to go, how will he lay his eggs?

He changed his work routine, started paying more attention on the job and the work at hand, quit drinking and used all his time to level up his skills in all aspects of his life.Slowly things started to change around him, his colleagues were the first to notice the glow in his face, the sparkle in his eyes.His bosses noticed his dedication and promoted him.After his promotion he started visiting other places for work and soon found his true partner, they started dating and soon ended in a wedlock.As he was not alone anymore, other couples started hanging out with them and his life seems to be getting better, day by day.He never pushed any more nests out of his bathroom window anymore for the pigeons reminded him of something he was looking for.

Whenever he felt low and stressed after then, he just remembered that night when he went berserk and tried to kill the little pigeon and destroyed her home.He reminded himself constantly that the only way to live his life is to keep trying untiringly until he wins.Remember , its not over until you win.If you quit anytime or anywhere in between before you reach your goals, YOU LOOSE, automatically.You must believe in the stories that you tell yourself because if you doubt yourself even a little bit, you won’t be able to bring about changes in your lifestyle and your thinking habits that would result in the overall change in your life.Remember the pigeon,remember the persistence, remember her story.

Written by Pawan edited by SiteMaster


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