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How to choose the right career

The notions that were prevalent during the yesteryears about many things seem to have undergone changes today. Attribute this to the change in the mentality of people or the changing environments the reality is totally different than it was some years back. One aspect that proves these statements true is the approach of job seekers towards the concept called employment. Serving an organization for 30 plus years was once upon a time considered as the best employment trait. Job was looked more as a money earning opportunity. The reality today is different and understanding this is important to choose the right career for oneself. Let us look at the importance of choosing the right career that suits one’s passion and the ways to pursue till the same is identified.

Why choosing the right career according to one’s passion is important?

Choosing the right career according to one’s passion is important since the same is associated with every other aspect of life.

  • When you choose a career that is directly associated with your dream, it makes life worth living.
  • Your dream gets so entwined with you and your life that it will pull you out of every abyss during the worst of your days.
  • The passion you show towards your dream will reflect in every stage of your career lifting you up the success ladder in a constant manner.
  • This passion will make you come into contact with others who share your dream which will add value to you as a person.
  • The undaunted efforts you put in to achieve your dreams through your career will make you a role model for many others.
  • The fire in you towards achieving your dream will make your career path a clear one. This clarity will help you succeed physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.
  • Pursuing the right career that suits your temperament and attitude will fill your inner self with immense peace at all points of time.
  • Choosing the career suiting your passion makes you stick to one particular field adding immense value to your overall experience.
  • The value it adds to your experience automatically creates invaluable opportunities which are capable of taking you to greater heights

The positive vibrations that the job you are passionate about permeates around you make the world a wonderful place to live. This is why choosing the right career according to one’s passion is important.

How can you choose the right career for yourself?

Choosing a right career is one of the major decisions one needs to take at the right stage in their life. This decision must be based out of many factors like their interests, skill sets, the current state they are in and what they want to be in the future. A clear assessment about self will make you understand the career that will make you happy throughout your life time. Ask the following questions to yourself.

  • What does a job mean to you?
  • What are the similarities you find between your own personality type and the job you love the most?
  • Which aspect of the job motivates you the most – money or doing the job?
  • If doing the job motivates you the most, which kind of job?
  • Which environment fascinates you the most? Why? What makes you feel associated with the same? Do you feel you will enjoy if your work-space is that very environment?
  • What kind of a life style you aspire for? Have you enjoyed living for yourself or for others till now in your life?
  • Ask yourself, what pulls you when you are down? What makes you get back up?

Your honest answers for the above questions will help you identify the perfect career you have to pursue.

Sometimes, there is a need to shift careers during one’s lifetime. Should that be done? If yes, when?

There are many situations in our official life which forces us to take what appears to be a nightmarish decision of changing careers. If understood clearly in the proper perspective, you will be able to take the decision in a confident manner rather than feeling afraid about the same. Change careers when

  • You feel bored or unchallenged in your workplace.
  • You get the feeling that your skills are underutilized.
  • Your personal mission in life and your employer’s goal are opposed.
  • You have a Boss with disturbing negative temperament.
  • You are feeling diffident about winning in your workplace.
  • You are stagnating without scope for growth.
  • You are not able to be yourself in your workplace.
  • Your Company is not ready to invest in you.
  • All that you gain out of the employment is money and not knowledge.
  • Layoff is on its way and you may get kicked out.
  • You feel depressed and experience burnout symptoms.
  • You are unable to trust your higher ups.
  • You don’t want your Sundays to end.
  • You contain yourself from laughing in your workplace.

Young teenagers are often confused as to what career option they should follow. How should they come to a conclusion about their option?  

Getting confused often as to what career option to choose is a common trait in young teenagers. They must start looking at career as opportunities to pursue their dreams rather than money minting workshops. Clarity will dawn on them once they understand the difference between a ‘Job’ and a ‘Career’. While everything related to short term is connected to a job, the word career connects itself to everything that is related to long term. Looking at job and career from this angle, salary refers to something earned out of a ‘job’ while fortune is what is provided by ‘career’. This understanding will help them make prudent decisions pertaining to choosing the right career. This clarity will make them understand that career is a huge thing that is related to the bigger picture in life. When young teenagers find the connection between their dreams and their jobs, they will come out of the confusion pertaining to choosing the right career for them. Also, in that age due to hormonal changes, most of their mind is in different directions. A strong sense of direction is needed by the young ones as if they are not ready when the opportunity presents itself, the day they realize the impact of their inattentiveness, it will be too late for them.


Written by Rama Ramji edited by SiteMaster



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