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Entertainment and its relation to human mind

Human life is a complex ongoing process. It is filled with enormous pressure from all quarters. We keep living life in a pattern that suits us. We relish living life in the set pattern since it makes things easy to handle. We feel safe when things happen as per our expectation and do all that is possible to retain life in the same manner at all points of time. Human minds are more complicated than human lives. Human minds are highly capable tools which are underutilized most of the times. Even with the underutilization, it tends to get bogged down due to the changing situations and demands exerted by the internal and external forces. A bogged down mind cannot perform to its fullest capacity and starts emitting signs of weakness. During such times, it is highly prudent to adapt relaxation techniques that would distract and entertain the mind.

Entertaining the mind rejuvenates the same providing it the strength to perform in an active manner. Entertaining here means anything ranging between listening to music to watch Kapil Sharma’s show every day. So, if entertainment is the way to rejuvenate human mind, how much of it is good for us? Does excessive entertainment cause harm or add value to human life? When human mind is not entertained, why does it go into the state called boredom? Let us have a detailed look at all these aspects so we can get out of the many ambiguities that appear mysterious.


Why do we feel the need to be excessively entertained?

When we ask ourselves what typically is the opposite of the word ‘play’, work will be the reply given by most people. Think twice and the realization that the opposite is actually  ‘depression’ will dawn upon you. This is the typical state of mind of most people most of the times. We misunderstand our mind requirements which it tries to communicate to us through subtle indications every now and then. We do not get bogged down by working or even excessive working. If we enjoy what we do, the mind does not expect any entertainment. If we think that playing can be entertaining, why do sportsmen get mentally laid off during many situations? If music is entertaining, does it mean musicians and performing artists never experience mental pressure?

The above clearly substantiates that any activity crossing the acceptable tolerance limit drains the brain. It is during such times that human brain yells out for relaxation. It is during such times that it needs to be entertained in whichever way preferred. When not entertained even at this stage, human mind feels under stimulated and loses its efficiency to perform to its fullest levels. Deprivation of entertainment causes many psychological aberrations in humans. Such psychological aberrations range from misplaced aggression, self- harming behaviors, physical illness and abnormal movements that is repetitive in nature.

To avoid getting into such serious mental and emotional issues, human mind gives cues expressing its need to be excessively entertained. Finally, it is our choice to set up our life so we don’t have to plan for vacations or an outing for our release from stress. When you do what you are really interested in, you reach a level of happiness which is unmatched by any other form of entertainment. We call it self-realization.


Why boredom sets in when we do not get entertained?

Human race has enjoyed entertainment right from the stone-age days. Even the early man who did not experience the technological advancements we enjoy today had his own set of avenues for entertainment. Observing the environment around him and acquiring knowledge about the other creatures alive were some of his crucial avocations which paved way for human evolution. While he did not have the television sets and technologically advanced mobile phones, talking with each other and hearing stories about his ancestors helped him keep away from boredom.

Approaching today’s scenario in a realistic manner, technological developments have deprived today’s man of many natural ways of relaxation. Easy ways of relaxation provided by nature aimed in satisfying the basic emotional and psychological needs of humans. Some such simple ways are mingling with people in a casual environment, chit chatting with them face to face, human touch in the form of games, dancing and many more such activities. Technological advancements we are experiencing today have taken us far away from human beings. We feel deprived of the humane touch both physical and emotional. Smiley and Emoticons have replaced our real emotions turning out to be our face to the person on the other side. This deprivation creates a huge void in our life which we term as boredom. Boredom thus from a psychological angle is nothing but the apathy or un-interestedness caused due to what can be termed as world-weariness.


Does applying your mind towards entertainment a good idea or is there any other option?

Entertainment is basically anything that is amusing. It is the fun and enjoyment experienced by humans that helps them relax every now and then. Entertainment refreshes the human mind to a great extent distracting the same from monotonous mechanical life style and taxing life situations. Looking at entertainment from this angle, applying the mind towards entertainment is a good idea. Many people resort to other aspects like attending religious discourses, meditation and yoga which acts as stress relievers for them in their own way.

In another angle, if you keep your mind entertained excessively, you will reach a point where you will not be able to take charge of your life, your life will in charge of you. For example , Consider a scenario, Let’s say you pass out from Secondary school, do your graduation/professional course and take a job afterwards. Soon after, when you are a little settled in your job, you get married, you take a loan to buy your dream house, you take a loan to buy a car, and every day when you return from office (suppose you don’t like what you do but you do it because there must be food on the table), you and your family together watch all sitcoms and entertaining shows till you sleep. Soon, you have kids, which brings in additional insecurity for funds and you start saving vigorously. You try to get ahead in your job profile, by changing jobs and what not, but it doesn’t work as you have a 20-year loan against your house and 5-year loan against your car which sucks away 40 percent of your income. Your wife takes up a job and try to control the situation but kids are growing and their demands are ever increasing. In this circle of life, if you can figure out, slowly your life forces you to do things which you are not happy doing, but now you have no choice, you must do it for the sake of your family and children. Life has taken over you and now you are its slave for eternity.

Here we are talking about the middle class of the world, who experiences the similar pattern no matter where they are living. We need to understand that excessive entertainment is eating away our valuable time in which you can rewrite your destiny. Watching your favorite sitcom or TV show day after day isn’t going to change your future, it isn’t going to change anything. You must realize that all forms of entertainment are created for their own personal benefit, sure you laugh your ass off from some of the shows, but it is killing valuable time which is not going to return. Then you will age, wake up one day and realize that everything you could have done which you didn’t do was so damn easy. Remember when it’s all said and done, when you are at your final hour, the only things that you remember are the things you regretted not doing.


What happens to us when our minds are always entertained? Is it addictive and if yes to what extent?

Caution must be exercised to ensure that the mind is entertained only to the required extent. Right from watching movies to chatting with people through the technological devices and applications available for the purpose, everything needs to be done in a controlled manner. Over indulgence, even in good things like drinking water leads to addiction. Indulge in entertaining your mind just to relax the same. Entertain such activities fully being aware of the limits. Remember, if you can give up an entertaining activity at any point of time when it is required to be done so, then it is not an addiction. To escape from overindulging in any activity for the purpose of entertaining your mind, choose more than one avenues. This will give you the required wavelength to entertain the mind when required in many ways and to pull yourself back when the same has reached the required limits. Leverage this control you gain to keep your mind engaged and disengaged whenever required at all points of time. For example, have a hobby, like going to the gym, playing squash, instead of whiling away your time in front of the idiot box.


Written by Rama Ramji and edited by SiteMaster



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