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Conquer with Confidence

For some people, Life is a non-stop race. We keep running the race in all directions, wherever the race track takes us. We do this just to keep up with our peers for the fear of being left out. Sometimes we exert ourselves to impress others. Many a times we prefer to remain last in the track because we simply stop caring about the end goal which seems forever unreachable. Most of us never try to understand that we need to pick our race before we start running towards the finish line. Once we pick our race, have utmost & practical belief in our self about our capabilities, we evolve as the winner automatically. This is the power of confidence. To tap this inner potential called confidence, a clear understanding about the same is important. Let us have a look at the amazing attribute called confidence and the enormous strength it creates in us.


What is Self Confidence?

Self Confidence is all about knowing one’s capability to achieve things, believing in the same in a stern manner and standing by the belief at all points of time.

Two main ingredients that make Self Confidence are Self Esteem and Self Efficacy. While Self Esteem is the respect an individual has for himself, Self Efficacy is his belief in his abilities. Self Efficacy increases self esteem levels in people. Being the pillars of Self Confidence, shortfall in any of these two aspects alters the self confidence levels in an impactful manner.

People with high self efficacy levels exhibit amazing levels of confidence in all their actions and words. They are sure about themselves which makes them take risks in a confident manner. They pursue their interests without any fear relishing the sense of accomplishment every victory offers.

People possessing high self esteem act in a responsible manner with astonishing levels of genuineness in all their activities. They act as per their own principles ascertaining what is good and bad. They are highly forgiving and committed towards their set goals. They focus in being productive and keep grooming themselves in a positive manner at all points of time.

Thomas Alva Edison who holds 1093 patents for his innumerable inventions is a classic example of a person who suffered from low Self efficacy levels. Imagine how hard it must have been for him to come out of his speech problems to win the world with his mind boggling inventions.


Why increasing your confidence in all aspects of life is important?

Looking at life in totality brings real meaning to the same. Each one of us play different role in each aspect of life. We have a personal life and a professional life to live. We experience different levels of emotions common to both aspects of our life constantly. One aspect keeps contributing to the other throughout our life intermingling them in an indefinite manner. Failure in any one of these aspects causes huge impact on the other aspect automatically. This makes it highly important to strike a balance between the two aspects at all points of time.

A person cannot be a failure in one aspect and succeed in another. One needs to exhibit high levels of confidence in all aspects of life in a rounded manner so that the success achieved in one permeates across the other one.

To put it in a nutshell, increasing confidence levels in all aspects of life is highly important so the taste of success can be experienced in a permanent and holistic manner.

Also, majority of the time, we experience failure and other negative emotions in all aspects of our life. A fully confident person knows that these are just temporary setbacks and such people can uplift themselves out of any given situation in due time.


What happens when you don’t have enough confidence?

Looking at Self Confidence as the combination of Self Esteem and Self Efficacy, the following are the emotions experienced by people who lack the same.

People having low self esteem tend to exhibit the following qualities.

  • Feeling anxious all the time.
  • Feeling unhappy with everything and everyone around them.
  • Feeling inferior or superior at all points of time.
  • Setting goals which are more externally inclined or practically infeasible to achieve.
  • Feeling irritated and impatient with others and themselves.
  • Being negative in approach and attitude.

People having low Self Efficacy exhibit the following qualities.

  • Fear of failure.
  • Feeling uncertain about things and people all the time.
  • Focusing all their words and action towards impressing others.

Lack of self confidence creates unknown fears in the minds of people. People with low confidence levels feel haunted by negative thoughts at all points of time. This holds them back from performing to their fullest potential. Such lack in Self confidence damages people psychologically in a drastic manner, making them failures for a life time. Even talented people who have enormous talent inside them, fail because of this sole reason, they are too afraid to take the leap of faith when destiny rings their doorbell. Instead of opening the door and letting the glory come inside, they lock the door from inside and hide in their basement.

Mahatma Gandhi who was instrumental in making the freedom dream come true to one of the biggest republics in the world was basically a timid boy during his childhood. Even as he grew up he was shy and exhibited fear for darkness. It was this boy who in his later life grew up to become a barrister graduating from abroad amidst stiff suppression. He believed in his ideologies and lived for the same all through his life which made him the “Father of a nation”.


Tips to increase your confidence in your actions, behavior and speech

Self Confidence is not a standalone attribute but a derivative of Self Efficacy and Self Esteem. Self Confidence is directly proportional to the levels of Self Efficacy and Self Esteem one possesses. In order to increase the confidence levels, one must work on their Self Efficacy and Self Esteem aspects in a constant manner. Some ways to do this are enumerated below.

Tips to improve Self Esteem

  • Acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses & self-worth.
  • Be friendly with yourself.
  • Avoid Negative Self talk.
  • Be fair to your inner desires. Learn to say no if saying yes will hurt you or is against your ideologies.
  • Accept your mistakes and avoid committing the same again.
  • Anticipate rejection and learn to accept the same in a graceful manner.

Tips to improve Self Efficacy

  • Keep developing your skills.
  • Model your behavior looking at other confident people around.
  • Convert criticisms into stepping stones.
  • Be conscious about the self efficacy levels at all points of time.

If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t understand yourself, if you don’t pay attention to yourself, start doing that first. Confidence is one of the key attributes for all round success in life but before you understand what it truly means, you must look yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself about what you truly are right now. If you can do that honestly, only then the true power will start to reveal itself and you will be enlightened.


Written by Rama Ramji edited by SiteMaster



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