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Planning your life

Life is a race and all of us keep running the same in an untiring manner. When we feel exhausted, we slow down but do not stop running the race since time does not wait for us. We keep running the long race of life through the dingy alleys and broad highways ‘aimlessly’ most of the times. As soon as we complete our basic education, we join in a job to earn our bread and butter. We feed ourselves and our close ones for the rest of our lives. We become old performing every chore that is associated with us, most of them imposed on us by the society we live in.

At the end of journey, when we turn back and look at the life we have lived, we see a black and white movie filled with many faces. This is the stage that leaves us shocked making us realize, that we could have lived a different life altogether. It makes us feel that a little bit of planning could have made us live a more qualitative life than that we have really lived. By the time we realize that we have ‘just lived a life’, we stand at the far end of our life when nothing could be changed. Reading one’s life book from the last chapter is a common phenomenon in human life. However, life can be lived in a qualitative manner if enough planning was carried out during every stage of the same. Let us have a look at the importance of planning in life, why we find it difficult to plan many a times and how we can overcome this difficulty so time does’nt slip by.

Why planning your life is important?

Planning our life during each stage adds a lot of value to the way we live the same. The reasons enumerated below will throw clarity on why planning is an important aspect of our life.

  • Planning our steps forward helps us track the progress we make in every walk of life.
  • Planning helps move towards the particular direction we want to move forward. This helps us focus our efforts and thoughts in a single direction without getting them frittered away
  • Planning helps set the priorities of our life in a meaningful manner
  • Planning helps us to set the purpose of our life. This adds to the quality of life we live in an immense manner
  • Planning keeps pushing us towards the goal we have set for ourselves. It acts as the basic motivation to live a life filled with gratitude
  • Planning makes us experience the sense of accomplishment every time we succeed in achieving a goal we set for ourselves
  • Planning guides us through the decision making process every time we stand on cross roads.
  • Planning helps set strategies that would contribute to our forward movement during each stage of our life
  • Planning helps us work with a vision making us get rid of non-value adding activities and thoughts in life
  • Planning helps take complete control over our life. It gives us the strength to handle situations courageously even when unanticipated life events try to take it away from us
  • Planning increases our productivity levels in every aspect of life owing to the peace of mind it offers
  • Planning provides feeling of security, making us tread paths without fear blocking the mind

The ultimate destination that we reach with good planning is nothing but success. After all, every human want to live a successful life and planning is the only way to live such a life.

Why is it difficult?

Planning becomes a difficult aspect of life for many of us owing to the unpredictable nature of the Universe around us. We live surrounded by people who need not be like minded. We live in environments which are not congenial to our plans. Human ego prevents thinking about one’s own shortcomings during many situations. Fear of failure makes us run along all the ways that life takes us. This makes life all the more tough to live owing to the surprises and shocks it gives us from time to time.

How can you overcome the difficulty in planning your life?

Overcoming the fears and inhibitions in life is the first step towards planning one’s life. The willingness to come out of the comfort zone and carryout the following will help live a planned life.

  • Accept your shortcomings and leave no stone unturned to better your self
  • Assess the opportunities and risks in life
  • Ensure you think big
  • Set long term and short term goals
  • Proactively plan for areas that may hit you badly
  • Encrypt your plans and ensure they travel with your through all your journey
  • Never get distracted from the goals so you can enjoy the taste of success every time you achieve them

What would happen when you let your time slip by?

The general belief among humans who experience distress is that time will change every pain. Unfortunately, while this statement may provide consolation, it does not help in having control over life. The reality is that time does not wait for anyone. Life clock keeps ticking every second. Unless we plan every stage of our life in a concrete manner, we will keep missing the essence of the same which is a huge loss to us. To relate it to our practical life,

  • A student not planning for his exam preparation fails to grab the right grades at the right time. This makes him a late entrant to the job market or lose out on hot career opportunities
  • A Graduate not planning for the right career at the right time fails to groom himself with the right skill sets. This makes him settle for mediocre jobs that can never take him to success
  • The head of the family who fails to plan for the commitments towards his family members makes the complete family feel the pressure during every walk of life.
  • When woman in a households fail to plan for the health aspects of the family through food habits, the family members tend to be weak physically and mentally

We humans do not have a remote control to rewind life. This makes it crucial to handle every moment in a prudent manner. Experiencing life at its best is possible when we chistle our life in the manner we want to live the same. Doing this at the right timing every time will save us from many regrets helping us to live a contended life all throughout.


Written by Rama Ramji edited by SiteMaster



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