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Hi,today we are going to discuss a pretty basic topic about health and nutrition.Now you will ask us why we are choosing such a topic.The answer is that without a great ,cleansed and healthy body your mind won’t work to the full potential.So in order to feel motivated and inspired you need to take care of your health.

Some people choose a sport,some people join some running clubs,gym,make a diet plan,go to nutritionist etc.Whatever be the medium,you need to understand it very clearly that if you don’t make your body active,sooner or later it will be prone to diseases and illness.

Now we know some of you guys would be saying ,hey buddy I work 12 hours a day,how can you expect me to do any of the stuff that you are mentioning above.Well for all those who have decided to change something in their life and couldn’t get their schedule going,we are going to enumerate some steps that will help you in your journey towards being the better person you always wanted to be.This is a “no bullshit blog” and we are not going to tell you stories and write long never ending pages.We are going to enumerate the steps in 7 simple steps which you can follow if you choose to be healthy and happy.

1.Pause your life,take a day off:Now you are going to say what will happen by doing this.Studies have shown that we are so involved with our daily routine in such a way that the creative tendency of human brain is not being utilized by over 80 percent of the world population. In fact our education system throughout the world has been set up in the same way,to make us do mundane task over and over again.This repetitive mode configures our mind to be set up on auto and most of us spend our entire lives doing what we should not do.For eg there is always a choice between having an apple a day or your favourite KFC burger,there is always a choice between having a grapefruit juice or a slice of pepporoni pizza.Whatever your decisions are currently,they could only be changed if you take a day off and consciously be aware of your habits ,write them down,and analyze it against the results that you want to have like a slender waistline for example.If you are nowhere close to that, you are the victim of your habits as we have explained in detailed in our previous blog post overcoming bad habits(check it out).

2.Taking one step at a time:Everybody wants that belly fat to be burned quickly,everybody wants slender legs,great butt without any effort,everybody has a program online to make you loose that belly fat with no effort whatsoever,now let us tell you the truth that you already know,EVERYBODY IS LYING TO YOU.The next line which we are going to say to you,you have to let it sink in deep inside your heart and mind.”HARD FRIGGING WORK”,yes that is the key ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls.”HARD FRIGGING WORK”,people are not able to wrap their mind among this simple idea,why? because 90 percent of the world population is lazy.Everybody is looking for the shortcut,everybody wants the body,the money,the fame without even scratching their scrotum.Let us tell you another secret,PEOPLE ARE REWARDED IN PUBLIC WHICH THEY PRACTICE FOR YEARS IN PRIVATE.If you see a successful,well built handsome man and you only wish if you could have that body and money,than its not going to work for you anyway.DON’T WISH FOR IT,WORK FOR IT.These are the basic simple ideas that have been with human kind for generations,but you don’t follow it because it doesn’t give you pleasure and you want instant pleasure,instant results.There is no EASY WAY OUT.Think of it like this way,If you don’t learn the chords and master them,will you be able to create any beautiful songs with your guitar?If you haven’t practiced running 5 miles daily ,would you be able to run the Iron Man Triathlon?Its simple,the answers to all our problems is simple,pick a target,break it down to simple daily goals and crush it.

3.Change your attitude:The ideas sounds easy,but if your attitude,your approach towards this is wrong,you won’t be able to continue on this journey for long.This is why people join the gym,work out crazy like for one week and are never seen again on the gym floor.Why does this happen?Well, lets suppose you attended some motivational lecture or seminar or watched some youtube videos and you got pumped up for joining the gym and changing your life for good.You changed everything,your clothes,your shoes,everything,but if you didn’t changed your attitude you are going to quit sooner or later.This is what we called as external effect.Stimuli from outside doesn’t change anything inside of us.Motivation is a feeling,that is coming to us from the outside,somebody or something motivated you.Inspiration on the other hand is a feeling that we generate from within our self. That is why an inspired person is self motivated,he doesn’t need the world to tell him things to do or guide his path.He is self aware and knows what exactly to do for his best interest.You need to find a strong reason and make yourself believe from the inside that your reason is strong enough to make you sail through this journey.If you don’t believe your reason,if you don’t stick to your commitment,nothing is ever going to change.

4.Change your philosophy: Have you ever seen old dudes working out in the gym or running through the block where you live at,have you noticed some of those old dudes are pretty fit and looks like they are enjoying what they are doing.Well the truth is,it is your personal philosophy that really effects the outcome of your decisions.If you don’t have a liking towards a particular exercise or routine,change it,nobody is saying you to do the same routine for years.You need to understand that the target you had formed in your mind is the ultimate destination,the ways to reach that target is up to you.You can do swimming in the morning before going to work,and after the work instead of hitting the happy hour,you can hit the gym.You will not believe the changes you will see in months while doing this that you have never seen before.You just have to change your philosophy,your way to health an happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be boring,spice things up a little,change your routine whenever you can.Let the joy of being a kid remain throughout your life.


5.Activity:Say you changed your attitude,you changed your orientation or philosophy towards your regime or towards life,but if you don’t act upon this,all this change will go down the drain and before you know it ,you will be having a unhealthy midnight snack watching two and a half men and friends on your idiot box.Why? because if you don’t do it consistently and if you don’t persevere the pain than you are not going to have any results.Without results you are going to slip back to self pity mode and going to crawl back into your comfort zone where your mind works on auto.So PERSEVERE THE GRUESOME TRAINING,ENJOY THE PAIN,APPRECIATE THE OCCASIONAL STORMS THAT COME INTO YOUR LIFE,ENJOY EACH MOMENT OF THIS AND WHEN THIS BECOMES YOUR HABIT,IT WILL START GETTING EASIER AND A POINT WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL BECOME THE MASTER OF YOUR SELF,ORDERING YOUR BRAIN TO SERVE YOU WHILE YOU TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

6.Review your goals:Every once a while you need to check whether you are making progress.Why? Because even though you should not be too concerned with results ,results should be measured during a considerable period of time to know how well you are doing and how can you improve to be a better person,or it may also tell you whether you are doing the exercises properly or eating right.For example how many years do you want your child to be in college(for example lets suppose the college is of 1 year)Two? Three?Four?Noooooooo.If the college course is of 1 year,you want your child to complete college in that one year only isn’t it?Than why don’t we apply the same logic with reviewing out goals?If we expect our children to do the same,first let’s do it our self in all areas of our life so your child can mirror the passion that you have.

7.Enjoy your victories:Lets say you are 50 pounds overweight,and you have worked hard and have reduced 20 pounds in 2 months,well we believe you should celebrate such small victories.You have to make timelines,you have to write it down ,that for every 10 pounds i reduce i am going to give myself a relaxing 2 days tour to some great destination where I can enjoy the company of my friends,spouse or children.It could also be your favorite ice cream or chocolate cake that you are so craving to have but couldn’t because of your resolve.Any break in routine when you reach a benchmark set by you , would be great and would ease some pressure that you might be putting on yourself,it would also be self rewarding in terms of new self worth that you will get by your own actions.Remember this ,IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE WORLD SEES IN YOU,IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE WORLD SAY TO YOU,ONLY WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE ALONE AND WHAT YOU SEE IN YOURSELF MATTERS.The person who is successful in his view of himself(not like crazy dudes,iam talking about sane people),will automatically be successful in the world’s eyes.Look at Jobs,Gates,the list is endless.Listen to everyone,do what you think and feel is right.A person,a friend or for that matter anyone can really give you great advice honestly,its your mind that has to process the advice and take what you feel & think is best for you and leave the rest.Always take your mind with you,wherever your heart goes and you will be all right.

Check out this TedX video which might help you understand the relation between our stomach and brain:


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