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Different Destinations

I was driving down the road to my office at a steady pace.It was a Monday morning and i was already late, been a little hungover from the bottle of whiskey i drank alone as all my friends were busy with their lives(some with their wives),I drove slowly and steadily...

“Pieces of the puzzle”

The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him. They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master, although it most often comes in the form of a puzzle - one piece at a time. Dieter F. Uchtdorf Consider this, you...

Why and how to become better at anything you want?

How To Become Better At Anything You Want And Why You Should Do That? Thеrе іѕ аlwауѕ a сrаzу іnnеr voice іn mу hеаd thаt аlwауѕ tells mе hоw bаd I аm аt ѕоmеthіng, bаѕісаllу, аt еvеrуthіng I dо. I'm ѕurе I'm nоt thе оnlу оnе wіth whоm thіѕ hарреnѕ. Some amongst us...

How To Handle Difficult Bosses/Coworkers

Difficult реорlе exist аt work. Thеу соmе іn аll varieties аnd nо рlасе оf work іѕ wіthоut thеm. Thе dіffісultу a реrѕоn faces depends оn thеіr self-esteem, thеіr ѕеlf-соnfіdеnсе, аnd thеіr professional vаluе аt wоrk. Dеаlіng wіth dіffісult реорlе іѕ еаѕіеr whеn thе...

Taking a break from your life

Running a marathon race is tedious both from a physical and mental angle. Innumerable rough patches catch up with us during a marathon. Many get knocked down right at the early stages while some sustain the pain to reach the final line. Some restrain from...

The Pigeon Story-story of faith

Ravi was an IT professional and had a home in a buzzing city.He was unmarried, had a breakup recently because his so called girlfriend married some NRI because of "legitimate parental pressure". His career seems to be going no higher than his head, he was exhausted...

I.C.U Effect- Understanding ourselves and the systems

Many of us have been there when our loved ones were behind the glass doors that screamingly wrote I.C.U on its visible side.Even though there are plenty of people standing outside those doors, none can go beyond those as visiting hours are less.Its all for the...

How to direct your emotions to quit smoking?

  Ever wondered why even after telling innumerable number of times to someone who is in the habit of smoking that cigarette smoking is bad for health,the person being told never listen.It is true for those people also who are ready and willing to quit the habit...

How to invest in Mutual Funds through SIP

Life is full of varying aspects that range between tangible ones to intangible ones. The queer aspect however is, many a time, intangible aspects appear easier to handle than the tangible ones. Some categories that fall under the tangible aspects are performance in...

how to travel to Thailand and save your money as well!!

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.The demographics are amazing and the country boast of islands,beaches and spectacular scenery. Thailand is divided into 76 provinces . There are also two specially-governed districts,the capital Bangkok and...

How to Make Happiness a Habit

There are a plethora of tips available online. They all will tell you how to be happy. You will come to know that smiling all the time will make you happy. You will get the information that standing straight will make you happy. You will understand how taking time to...

Master your mind ,master your self

"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.  - Dale Carnegie" Before we begin ,we would like to inform you that their are no elevators to success,their are stairs and you...

101 ways to improve your learning ability – Learn anything easily

What is that which differentiates humans from other animals around the globe? The answer for this may be many according to the perspective one looks at the question. Learning & Imagination probably is one of those answers which happen to be our current focus this...

Why do we lie to ourselves!!Strange Isn’t It?

Even though we have grown to an industrial townships having ultra modern facilities, 4G network and humanoid robot, Our abilities and characteristic as a survivor has always beaten our thinking of a civilised society. This short line expresses the chaos that is there...

Solving Your Problems

Many things in life demand different set of skills from what we possess as our basic capabilities. Such things may be one of our situations or the challenges we constantly face in life and many more. Grooming ourselves in a constant manner is the only way we can meet...

Habits of wealthy people and Why should you learn it

Habits of wealthy people We come across many people in life who astonish us in different ways. Some astonish us through their temperament while some impress us through their approach towards things. Some make us feel awestruck through their knowledge and some do the...

Why should you create everlasting work?How can you begin the process of creative imagination to construct a perennial work?

Faculties of creative imagination are perennial in nature The universe we live in is filled with different kind of human beings. Many among us spend our lives in a nomadic manner shifting to places that each stage of life takes us to. Majority of us spend our time...

Why Imagination is important and how to use it?

Imagination There are many things in life that we miss as we climb up the age ladder. Many among us wish to have remained children perpetually so we escape experiencing the discomforts life forces on us. We humans love to enjoy every moment of our life in the way we...

How to handle and deal with toxic relationships?

How to deal with toxic relationships? We come across different kinds of people in life. There are people around us who survive in the same space as we do without any conflicts with our outlook. There are yet others who are not in agreement with us but co-exist since...

What is Researching?How to use our research to be useful to us in idea generation?

Concept of Researching In our day to day life, we come across many terminologies that are used in an interchangeable manner. While we manage to understand them in the right perspective given the situations we are in, using proper words in the...

Why we as human beings don’t trust each other?Why some people are so self-centric? Why do some people think about their own personal gain all the time

The mind of the Man “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man, and Superman And The Man was born....

Why planning your life is important and must be done in order to have a successfull life filled with peace of mind?

Planning your life Life is a race and all of us keep running the same in an untiring manner. When we feel exhausted, we slow down but do not stop running the race since time does not wait for us. We keep running the long race of life through the dingy alleys and broad...

Sexual Desires,its meaning,explanations and understanding

Sexual Desires Human life is full of mysteries. Many of these mysteries are real ones which have something to do with the concept called universe and its aspects. Many, however, are caused purely due to lack of complete understanding about the concepts. We tend to...

When & why a person has feeling of restlessness in his life?How to overcome this feeling and what all could be done about it?

Restlessness Nature is an excellent thing to experience. Irrespective of whether it is a clear blue sky or the sunset which is a mix of mind boggling colors, nature never fails to mesmerize mankind. Even the wildest of the wind makes us admire the power of nature...

When & Why a person has feeling of loneliness in his life?How to overcome this feeling and what all could be done about it?Is loneliness good in any situation.If yes,what all situations? and if not,then why not?

How to deal with loneliness Human beings are social animals. We love interacting with others in various capacities. We are ruled by different types of emotions in varying situations. Most of the times, we act as slaves to these emotions and react instead of...

The ultimate decision of choosing or shifting a career,its reasons and conclusions.

How to choose the right career The notions that were prevalent during the yesteryears about many things seem to have undergone changes today. Attribute this to the change in the mentality of people or the changing environments the reality is totally different than it...

Why we as human beings frequently have guilt inside of us of something we cannot share to the world or in fact anybody?How to overcome the feeling of guilt inside of us?Can we ever really forget the reason of the guilt in the first place?If yes how?If no, why not?

Feeling of Guilt As human beings we experience many types of emotions at different points of time. While some emotions bring happiness along with them, some cause immense sadness in us. We tend to share our happiness with near and dear ones, going out on treats and in...

Why do unwanted thoughts come in the mind of even the highly motivated?How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts?Can we really control our thoughts to a manageable level,if so,how?

Unwanted thoughts Human mind is a bundle of mystery and it has remained an unexplored Pandora’s Box for many centuries now. Mind is such a complicated element that it makes us live under its control most of the times. Bringing our minds under control appears to be a...

Why soft skills are important?How to improve your soft skills to perform well in any conversations?How will this be useful to you in the long run?

Soft Skills Human beings have different aspects to their life. Most aspects that are physical in nature are visible to naked eyes. Walking style of people, talking mannerisms and many more things that are related to body language, fall in the physical category. Human...

Why do we lie all the time,be it office,at home,to your spouse?Is telling truth about everything the right thing to do?Who decides what is right and what is wrong and why?What would you do if you have to lie about something for some personal reasons?Does your conscience change according to a situation?

Instinct of Lying Human beings possess different characteristics. Right from the physical attributes like a thumb impression, many mental and psychological aspects also vary between one human and another. While the basic necessity of every human is to feel loved and...

Why do we feel the need to be excessively entertained?Why boredom sets in when we do not get entertained?Does applying your mind towards entertainment is a good idea or is there any other option?What happens to us when our minds are always entertained?Is it addictive,If yes to what extent?

Entertainment and its relation to human mind Human life is a complex ongoing process. It is filled with enormous pressure from all quarters. We keep living life in a pattern that suits us. We relish living life in the set pattern since it makes things easy to handle....

Why increasing your confidence in all aspects of life is important?What happens when you don’t have enough confidence?How can you increase your confidence in your actions,behavior and speech?

Conquer with Confidence For some people, Life is a non-stop race. We keep running the race in all directions, wherever the race track takes us. We do this just to keep up with our peers for the fear of being left out. Sometimes we exert ourselves to impress others....

Why finding your purpose in life is important?What happens when you don’t find it?How can you find it if you really want to but are not able to yet?What to do when you achieve it?

Having a purpose in life is important The very purpose of life is to live the same. By ‘living’, we mean experiencing the positives and negatives life throws upon us from time to time and embracing its adventures. Irrespective of whether we decide to live our life to...

Why do some people experience repeated rejection and failure in career,business and relationships?How can they overcome it and what steps to take for persistent success?

Repeated rejection & failure Every human being wants to be appreciated and recognized time and again. Appreciation offered through gestures and motivating words creates positive vibrations in the environment. This kindles the fire inside people converting even a...

Why financial planning is important and should be started as early as possible and what do you need to know before you start yours?Does going to a certified financial planner is the only option?If not,Which are the other options and which one to prefer and why?

Financial planning & all about money Life is an ongoing process and so are certain aspects of the same. Anyone who is strong in planning succeeds in each step he takes in life. Proper planning requires a lot of focus which helps culminate huge successes on the...

Why & how to have persistent focus in life and how would it benefit you in your career?

Persistency is a habit. People are not born with it, they build it with time. However, to build it you need some relative factors. You see, the truth is – life is hard. In fact, it is the strictest teacher who would not let go until you perfect yourself to the point...

Why early years of teenage are important in career building and how to tackle a relationship along with it?

After school employments are imperative to teenagers for their development and improvement. These days, many guardians are asking their teenage children to land a position when they complete their schooling. There are many advantages of a teenager having a job...

Why people deceive and how to deal with them

Human mind is highly complex. Its complexity is so high that even the astonishing technological developments happening around us have not been able to find ways to unfold the mysteries involved. One of the main reasons that contribute to the complexity of human minds...

How to Control Excessive Anger & Suicidal Thoughts

Now and then in life we all get a little bit angry or unhappy and it is an entirely normal part of living! But if you find yourself experiencing excessive anger more than often or experiencing a deep depression (that leads to suicidal thoughts), then this is an...

Why should you embrace the positivity and negativity in your life and what benefit would it bring to your personal development?

The role of positivity and negativity in your life If it’s a life you’re living, there will be both positivity and negativity in it.   We lead our lives embracing all the positivity that it brings us. Why don’t we do the same for negativity? There are many things that...

Health and Nutrition

Hi,today we are going to discuss a pretty basic topic about health and nutrition.Now you will ask us why we are choosing such a topic.The answer is that without a great ,cleansed and healthy body your mind won't work to the full potential.So in order to feel motivated...

Overcoming Bad Habits

We all know this is the most difficult topic to deal with.We all have some or the other bad habits and have tried to get rid of it consistently over a period of time.But something hold's us back?Something doesn't let us keep that resolve?Something get us back to...



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