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Faculties of creative imagination are perennial in nature

The universe we live in is filled with different kind of human beings. Many among us spend our lives in a nomadic manner shifting to places that each stage of life takes us to. Majority of us spend our time chasing money for decent sustenance, leading a normal life with the usual job and personal commitments. Only a few among us get creative despite the pressures life puts on them in a constant manner. It requires a different mindset altogether to get creative and imaginative driving monotony out of life.

There are people among us who prefer to die of passion than boredom. Such people overcome their fears.  They avoid giving excuses but find a way to stick on to their passion. They keep running towards achieving their wildest dreams as though they are on fire at all points of time. They leverage their passion to create magic through their actions. This is when we get music, art, literature, movies and many other wonderful things involving the faculty of creative imagination that is perennial in nature.

So what is so great about their creativity? What makes them imagine in such a wild manner? How does their passion become the oxygen for their soul?

Let us understand all about creativity, imagination and Creative imagination so we know how we were blessed with time defying classics in music, art, literature, movies and other fields. 

Creativity, Imagination and Creative Imagination

Being creative is different from being imaginative. Creativity fosters imagination. Imagination complements the exuberance in creativity. Both these words complement each other in a superficial manner. However they are not interchangeable. There are many rare human beings who possess these qualities together. Among such rare ones, there are very few passionate ones who leverage this amazing combination of creativity and imagination to feed their passion. A clear understanding of what creativity is exactly all about and how it differs from Imagination will help us understand the coinage – creative imagination.

Creativity is nothing but the enjoyment of a fearless mind. It is the way our soul wants to share its thoughts. It is the inherent thirst inside every one of us to break from the many patterns established over a period of time. This thirst teaches us to look at things in a different manner out of the usual norms.

Imagination on the other hand is more of a preview about the future. Imagination takes us to non-existing worlds defying all logic. Think about any big thing or any small thing in this world that comes to your mind. You can be sure that it has happened earlier in some one’s imagination before it became a reality.

This means, creativity is connecting the dots in reality to come out with something astonishingly new or to add some new feature or idea to an existing product or services. Imagination is not the real reality but one that belongs to the future. Creativity is grounded to this earthly plane whereas Imagination takes us to unreal worlds.

Imagine the impact that the combination of creativity and imagination can have on the potential of humans. That is termed as Creative imagination.

Why do some classics in music, art, literature, movies and any field involving the faculty of creative imagination are perennial in nature while most others are forgotten quickly?

Creative imagination is that aspect of life that can introduce divinity into our actions. It combines our physical self with our emotions by pouring the human spirit into our minds. Creative imagination has two parts to it. The first one is the imagination aspect and the second one is the creativity aspect. While having great ideas makes you highly imaginative, acting on them makes you creative. Creative imagination has no limits and is capable of making us infinite. Creative imagination involves your soul in the creation of such things that becomes perennial in nature.

People who follow their passion achieve great heights purely because they consider it as their life and not just an avocation. They constantly chase their passion wading off the struggles on their way without losing focus. These are the legends who have realized that both passion and obstacles are not external but ones that reside internally inside them. This makes them sideline the obstacles that they feel in their mind marching forward every inch with passion. It is this intense passion that has made them contribute some classics in music, art, literature, movies and other fields involving the faculty of creative imagination. It is the fearless creative imagination in them that has made these classics perennial in nature.

How did they withstand the test of time?

People who are rank high in creative imagination live their passion. They love things that age in the best possible manner. They focus so much in their creations that they strive hard to create things that do not die over date but is capable of standing the test of time. Their final objective of such creation is to remain a standing example of the best among the best. When such extent of soul is poured into one’s passion, the creation automatically stands the test of time not for many centuries but across ages.

People who have mind boggling levels of passion know to lay the foundation strong to make their creative output withstand the tests of bad weather. They pour excellence in to their passion with a futuristic approach and never rush to show the world something half baked. They ensure completion and cogence in all their creations exhibiting highest levels of creative imagination. The sincerity and perseverance exhibited by such passionate people makes their creations withstand the test of time at all points during their life and after their physical death. History has shown us that such beautiful work is not popular at the time of its creation, every new creation has to withstand a hoard of criticism and denial, but in the end what is gold will never lose its sheen or value and will always stand the test of time and prejudices.

Why should we aim to create such work which refuses to die or fade into oblivion? 

It is true that every one of us will fade away into the oblivion one day or the other. We are born with a confirmed return ticket to travel back to the destination we started from. Fading into oblivion requires no effort. In fact, it is inevitable. We humans may fade away from this physical world one day or the other. But our unique fingerprints never fade away from the lives of people whom we have touched through our creation. The unique fingerprints being discussed here are the memories and impact we create in people through our time defying creations.

It should be each one of our responsibility to ensure that only our physical body fades into the oblivion and not our creations, but many will just pass their time and resign to the next life, many will be just a blob in this earthly dimension, many will not teach the right things to their children for their better life for they do not know themselves ,many will find all the excuses and reasons for not getting it done, let that not be you . To create such creations that refuse to die or fade into oblivion, unquenchable fire and creative imagination of superior levels is required.

Why is it that most work of creative imagination never making it to another month of their being published? Is extreme focus in marketing killing the product perfection ethics?

We see many people around us battling hard to make to the list of legends. However, to our surprise, we witness that their work of creative imagination fail to make it even to the next month. One of the main things we can attribute to the immediate failure of efforts is the extreme focus in marketing which kills the product perfection ethics.

If Shakespeare had compromised on his works just to gain popularity through marketing techniques prevalent during those days, we would not be speaking about him till date. If Pablo Picasso had focussed in earning name and fame, we would not have enjoyed the works of one of the world’s best playwright, painter, printmaker, sculptor, stage designer, ceramicist and poet. If Alfred Hitchcock had focussed more on popularity than on producing psychological suspense movies, we would have lost witnessing some of the best movies in thriller genre. If Leonardo Da Vinci had got distracted with earning huge chunks of money, we would never have had the world’s best inventor, artist, sculptor and architect.

How can we use our creative faculty to create such work of ever affluent existence in any area or field of work?

Writers, musicians, philosophers and legends in many areas stay alive through their creations despite getting into the clutches of the inevitable death.  It appears conspicuously magical to many of us. We must strive hard to make use of our faculties which happens to be our primary mark. Our creativity gets derived from such basic faculties helping us make a mark in the history of humanity. It is each of our responsibility to realize that we are chained when we fail to move. This understanding is the basic requirement for creating something that is very affluent in nature.

Acquiring knowledge in a constant manner is important. However, being imaginative is more important than just being knowledgeable. All of us have our own set of capabilities waiting to be unleashed. It is up to us to realize and unleash the same in the right timing. It takes a lot of courage to be creative. Shedding our fears and ambiguities is the first step to use our creative faculties. The moment we start using our creative faculty, we will start seeing things in a deeper manner rather than having an outwardly look at the same.

When we start seeing in to things, we start painting with our brains rather than with our hands. This is when we start singing with our soul and not just with our vocal cord. This is when we build huge structures with our mind rather than with just bricks and cements.

History shows us that most of the successful people follow their passion instead of paychecks. While getting paid for what you love is the best situation, pursuing your passion is the key. Sometimes you may be in a wrong situation, may be you are a working mother of two children who loves to paint but you have no time for it, may be you are the person who have spend recklessly and made some bad decision economically and have tons of debt which doesn’t seem to end, may be you are the person who cannot find the reason to go on, may be you are the kind of person who changes his/her decision quickly and cannot seem to make up your mind, may be you are the kind of person who have a difficult choice to make between passion and paycheck, struggle and comfort, sweat and ease. To all the people who are described here and to the many more whose situations we cannot fathom, always remember one thing, circumstances and situations will always be the same. If you don’t rise above the situations or circumstances, if you do not get worked up, if you want to get everything without giving first, you are fighting a losing battle. When you fearlessly pursue the one thing that makes your soul stir no matter what the circumstances are, making enough to survive on your own, you are set to unleash your faculties of creative imagination that is perennial in nature which would satisfy your heart and soul and would make you complete.


Written by Rama Ramji and edited by SiteMaster


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