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The role of positivity and negativity in your life

If it’s a life you’re living, there will be both positivity and negativity in it.


We lead our lives embracing all the positivity that it brings us. Why don’t we do the same for negativity? There are many things that we judge as negative, in ourselves, in others, in life … and somehow, we fear. Therefore, it remains there in our “emotional backstory”, preventing us from living fully. When we release the judgment and expectations of what we believe will happen or believe are right or wrong and when we stop TRYING to change something or someone, or some aspects of US … that is when we start living a full life.


What happens when we stop dreading, and we listen carefully? What you resist, persists.


One day, you made the decision and you defined yourself in an opinion about something, condemning it in some way, to something they told you, or something that you lived. That decision was taken in a desire for protection, but it prevents us to live our purpose with success. And it is not something that you can ignore. It is still there in a subtle presence, ready to jump to the jugular if you touch the subject or to turn round, avoid the subject and change direction.


Let’s take the classic case of the rat race of most people’s lives, they know they don’t enjoy doing the work they do, the junta(ordinary citizen) is aware of this. Then why do they keep seeing the things that prevent them from doing the things they want to do? It’s all because they don’t see the world as it truly is , they do not embrace the negativity around them as a part of their world. The moment something bad happens fear and necessity makes a stronghold in people’s mind. They act on impulse and go into a downward spiral of  self-doubt, lack of will and depression.


The negative that you have been running away or rejecting all this time is pointing out something VALUABLE to you. So much so that it can be a great Awakening and Liberator in your life. So why not start embracing all these negativities in your life rather than trying to get rid of them?


Read on to find out more about how to embrace all these essentials in your life!


Learn How to Embrace Positivity in Your Life

If you want to ring the bell of negativity in your life, stop reading too much of Freud. Instead, foster a sense of gratitude and consider it as your signal for happiness and positive thinking. Recognizing and appreciating all the gifts you have in life can help contribute to greater heights of success, health and a sense of well-being.


However, to fine-tune gratitude, you will have to struggle and fall into the beginning with constant thoughts of what is missing in your life. Over time, however, you will be able to heal completely. Here are some ways you can get started.


  • Keep a journal of gratitude

Buy a good journal and call it the gratitude journal. Put all the things in it that you are grateful for as and when you feel blessed. You could keep the journal on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. If you have a more frequently updated list, you would be more likely to create a new habit. The mere observation of the journal will make you feel grateful for all the things you have.


  • Make a Gratitude Collage

This could contain pictures of your parents, your wife or girlfriend/boyfriend or husband, friends and just about anyone you are happy to have in your life. A collage can be done with drawing or pasting images.


  • Practical Gratitude

One of the best ways you can instill an appreciation in your children, whether you are a parent or yourself, should you want to see life in a positive way is by practicing a word of thanksgiving at dinner time or before going to bed. Make it a nightly routine.


  • Find the blessing hidden in a challenge

When you are challenging yourself with some homework, do not look with fear and stop trying, but look for the hidden blessing. If you are trying to apply for a course you never thought you could think yourself able to sit for, do not avoid or escape from it. Think about how to sit for the exam to prepare you for the worst and how if you score well, you would be able to climb to another level in your professional life. Take it as a game , play your hearts out.


  • Note how gratitude is affecting your life

Note how being grateful is helping you out. Is it making you happier? Are you able to keep negative thoughts aside and be a great example to your peers or family members? Take note of these changes and read them aloud.


As you practice and be in it, you will experience an inner change that takes place on the inside that will convince you to be content and hopeful. You will be amazed at a feeling of fullness.

Having a better life is one of the main goals of every human being on this planet. We often believe that it is the palaces, plush cars or thick bank accounts that can give us a better life, but in reality, the most essential to get a better life is our own attitude to life.


You cannot expect to have a better life while promoting a bad attitude toward life itself. To embrace life and facilitate its improvement, the first thing that is needed is a change in one’s attitude. The good thing is, it is always easier to change yourself to change the world, especially when you can do a lot of good for you. Improving your attitude may seem difficult at first, but if you begin to walk the path, you will see that it is not that difficult either. To improve your attitude, all you need to do is maintain a positive attitude and realize the life that develops in itself. Here is a guide that can help you have a better attitude that can really help you embrace a better life.


  • Take action, but do not wait for the result.

If there is a job to do, complete it with your best efforts, but never wait to get a result. You can find the same words in the Scriptures where human beings are instructed to concentrate only on their “karma” and not on the result. A project, of whatever nature, is within its total capacity only until it is done. Once done, there are several other factors that come into play, and you may not even have the thinnest ability to influence them. Therefore, it is always best not to waste your valuable time thinking about how things will unfold, instead of doing your part and moving on to the next one because what has to happen will happen even without you worrying about it.


  • I will not dwell on the problems of life.

Problems are only a part of life. It does not matter who you are, what you do, what is good or how bad is in it, you are sure to have problems. Every creature from the “king to the ant in his kingdom” has its own problems, but continuing to think about them is not the way to the solution. Rather, they just demoralize you and stop you from doing things that could have helped you improve your situation. So, if you have a problem, think about how to find a way out, but do not live on your problems and spend most of your valuable time thinking about it. If you do not seem to have a clue how to solve the problem, better leave it to time to solve it on its own without having to worry about it all the time.


  • Look at the best things in life

As the old saying goes, you can either see a glass half full with water or half empty. It is the same with life as well. Thinking that it is half empty will not add anything more than negativity in your life, but if you see it as half full, it can be very useful for you. Having a positive attitude towards life is really important because it can allow you to do mountainous tasks that might be impossible to achieve for you otherwise. Being positive helps to be happy – and surely happiness is one of the goal of life.


  • Consider yourself lucky.

Considering yourself lucky can have a huge impact on improving your attitude to life. As a matter of fact, there are many people in worse situations than us and you are actually fortunate to have the things that they don’t have. There are many who are spending their lives trying to get the things that you have already been given by birth. Many times, we become accustomed to what we have and do not realize their real value. If you start to realize the value of what you already have, you will naturally begin to feel lucky.


  • Forgive and forget.

We often go through experiences in our life that turn us to negativity. Being angry or hurt will not actually help you in any way. It works like a slow poison in your mind, which invariably affects your life negatively – directly or indirectly. Therefore, if you have gone through a negative experience in life, take the path of forgiveness because that is the best way to forget and come back from the past.


  • Do not compare yourself with others.

The life of every person in this world is unique. They all have their unique characteristics. Therefore, comparing yourself and your life with someone else just drags you down. You cannot understand the real situation of a person unless you are in his / her shoes, so it is best not to compare only with what is superficially seen as it often does not give the correct idea. So start taking your life as your own and stop comparing it with others and that will help you have a better attitude towards life.


  • Get positive company

If you are trying to improve your attitude toward life, you really need to stop walking with negative people. Make it a point to stay with people who are positive about life. Positivity is like a good infection. If you live in a company of positive people, you are more expected to get the infection quickly. The same goes for negativity, so while you are struggling your way out of negativity, acquire a company of positive people who can help you feel better.


  • Practice Yoga or do some outdoor exercises

Yoga can be very helpful in giving you a positive and better attitude towards life. It can help you understand the true nature of this constitution and facilitate your progress toward positivity. Yoga or meditation can relax the nerves and senses and can help you take a deeper look at the beauty of life.


Follow the above-mentioned guidelines in your life and you are sure to have a better attitude that can help in improving your life.


Written by Vishakha Goyal and edited by SiteMaster

(Translator, Content Writer, Blogger, Ghostwriter)

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