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Even though we have grown to an industrial townships having ultra modern facilities, 4G network and humanoid robot, Our abilities and characteristic as a survivor has always beaten our thinking of a civilised society. This short line expresses the chaos that is there in the society. Our survival instinct will make us do whatever the situation demand of us. There is a mark difference between people regarding what they say and what they do

Is it because they inherently have succumbed to the limitations of environmental need? Is it because they want to escape the temporary agony it causes them. What is the cause?

It has been seen with experience that truth is relative to a person. Yes that is the truth. Even what is being said in this blog will be judged by many. All we can envisage is people will react to a certain situation differently. They will do that on basis of what their moral values are, what their focus area are, what they think of themselves and about their future. What an amazing explanation to a situation? But isn’t that wrong?

Isn’t right or wrong also relevant according to the person who is in some particular situation. Is this statement valid. Off-course not, if that be so then the people who raped girls and the people who are serving jail time wouldn’t be behind bars. We need the order, we need this order because we need peace. Peace can only be guaranteed when there is some order. The order is what controls us from being savages. This orders protect us from the hoarders and marauders who are innumerable in our world.

We need a place to feel safe and secure and this very need influences our decision to the very extent of being slaves of the few who are capable of providing us with that feeling.I do know there is nothing wrong in that.If you and your family are getting paid and being felt provided, then their is nothing wrong with that.One question though, If that be so, why most people are irritated and frustrated from their job?Isn’t your needs being met by your employer?If that is correct, then why most people crib about their jobs and keep doing that persistently with their friends over drinks,family, colleague etc?

This means there are some other reason’s which keep us happy.What are these reasons?

Well statistics shows that nearly 60 percent (or even more for some) of average adults spend their time working on their livelihood.So even if you are not a student of maths ,you can clearly see why working for the right reason, with the right people, in the right environment is so important.It is important as it defines who you are.It defines what you do.Remember, if you are not happy with what you do, you can never be truly satisfied with your life.You can keep bickering away to you heart’s content but you are going to be flabbergasted and depressed all through out your life,if you don’t change the way you perceive things and situations.

How does perception changes your future and your mental states?

Hmmm,Imagine you are working at a job,you have repetitive,boring work which you are not really interested in.You come in late,skip early, have a huge lunch and are pretty satisfied that you are collecting a full day’s pay and doing half day’s work.You want to quit the job but the market conditions are volatile.You have to pay the EMI on your car or house ,have to take care of the family and the safest option is to continue with the job, the way you are doing and keep bickering away as well.Well, this is one way to live.

Now Imagine, you are working at the same job, but you are giving your 100 percent to your job(on shift time off course) whether you like it or not,you still have the same EMI to pay, the market conditions are still volatile,you are working on yourself in your spare time and learning new skills as well.You have no time for bickering and drinking away to glory, you are being your productive best, by taking care of your family, getting things done and learning new things.Now , let’s suppose their comes a recession(which repeats itself always and every time) and layoff season starts, who do you think is going to be laid off first???Any Guesses??

Constant learning and constant change is the need of the hour in today’s scenario, we all need to understand this.I know its hard to change your old habits and its hard to change your attitude towards life, its really painful.If you are able to realise the value in my above example, you must understand that changing your core mental makeup takes time, you need to change your mindset consciously before it sinks deep into your subconscious mind.It needs constant effort .You need to read as many books you can,you need to listen to audio books until it makes sense,you need to go to the seminar until it creates a desire in you to change yourself for the better. The pareto principle states that 80% of world’s money is owned by 20 percent of the people, and surprisingly even in this age of knowledge and wisdom,these percentages do not change, only the faces change.Don’t you want to be among these faces?

If you do, here are 10 simple and blunt ways of how to do it:

  1. Stop doing anything that affects your health, first work on your body, only if you have a healthy body your mind can ever be healthy.Go for a run, start a diet plan, consult your doctor and physician.
  2.  Download Wunderlist, its a great app that makes to-do list.Now there are many apps, but this one works for me.Its a simple way to jot down all that you can do in a day(sets reminder too).Remember start small, jot down all you can do from all you have,you might have some skill, you might have some tools, you might have some old stuff, anything, just think of it and jot it down.
  3. Before starting any day you need to plan for it a day’s in advance or else you wouldn’t be effective.For this you need to learn about time management.I recommend Brian tracy’s MASTER YOUR TIME MASTER YOUR LIFE, download audio book,purchase hardcover,just read it.
  4. After the planning comes the execution process, remember most of us are procrastinators, we all plan for everything but delay execution for stupid & illogical reasons .Don’t delay, act as soon as an idea strikes you, because if you don’t someone else will.Its a law, the law is called the law of diminishing intent, all desires tends to diminish if you leave it unutilized. You can apply this law in any area of your life to see if its true.
  5. After execution come persistent execution, or simply perseverance.It is an act to keep at it until you get your desired result.If you quit you automatically loose. If you keep doing the things you need to do in order to get the things you want out of your life, you need to give persistently.Don’t focus on receiving, if you focus on why isn’t your efforts converting into results you will tend to focus on results which will cause frustration and irritability, you only need to focus on giving.It is because you need to focus on your efforts to develop something worth of value which ultimately will fetch you your results.So receiving is automatic, you don’t need to focus on receiving, you just need to focus on giving and giving your best.
  6. Maintain balance between career, family and life.( Find out your best way to do that).
  7. Never stop updating yourself,top 10 richest people in the world continue to read 5 books per week.
  8. Give back to the society in whatever way you deem fit.(Charity, donation, helping those who can’t help themselves, showing the way).
  9. Develop a creative mindset,question everything, take time to let the questions sink in so the answers quality improves before you put your plan in action.
  10. Last but not the least,pray, pray to whichever god you believe into, pray to the invisible force that is keeping you alive and healthy to do whatever you were meant to do.

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Written by Prateek edited by SiteMaster


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