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Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.The demographics are amazing and the country boast of islands,beaches and spectacular scenery.

Thailand is divided into 76 provinces . There are also two specially-governed districts,the capital Bangkok and Pattaya. Bangkok is at provincial level and thus often counted as a province. Thai provinces are administrated by regions. The regions that Thailand uses to divide the provinces is the four-region division system. It divides the country into the four regions: Northern Thailand, Northeastern Thailand, Central Thailand and Southern Thailand. Each region has its own different historical background, culture, language and people.Though their are many places you can visit in thailand and if you are a travel junkie than this bit of information might sound inadequate to you but for the ordinary traveller who likes his/her trips to be safe, fulfilling and a bit adventurous having full bang for its buck ,read on.

If you like to travel a lot, you would have felt the importance of a map of that place where you are travelling. Google maps in your smartphone solves all purposes.If you would look at the map of thailand carefully, Phuket and Krabi, which are the most hottest tourist destination as of now are in southern thailand. Pattaya and Bangkok which are the next favourite are in Central thailand. In order to plan your trip you need to first decide where all you would like to visit and what all you would like to do there.It seems crazy and a lot of work for a vacation but trust me if you don’t plan it out for yourself, you probably would need to find some travel planners who will give you some pre-planned bullshit which they give to everybody.Though set patterns of vacation are good for most tourists, if you really need to feel satisfied with your trip, you need to plan it yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to plan to the last detail, you just need to know where all you have to go, what all you want to do there and then hire a travel planner based on your timelines and initial plan, so that your vacation can be tailor made to suit your needs and desires. It is estimated that 60 percent or more travellers travel without a plan with hope of excitement, adventure and to have the time of their life, that soon turns ugly because they don’t have any contingency plan in case things go wrong or they haven’t understood the demographics of the area,the weather , the culture,the neighbourhood,political scenario etc. Small stupid things that you enjoy in your country can land you in jail in other countries. Travelling with a solid plan, backed up by contingency planning is the adult and mature way of travelling.Now I don’t want to hear,”No, I don’t need a plan,it sucks the life out of vacation”,If you are having such thoughts, you can buzz off because this post is not for people like you.

This post is going to be concentrated on four places:

a. Phuket

b. Krabi

c. Pattaya

d. Bangkok

(Please note if these 4 places are in your travel plans,try covering the southern part of thailand first i.e. Phuket and Krabi. The reason is quite simple,even though Phuket has an international airport, Most international passenger lands at BKK( bangkok airport) for immigration purposes and then take a connecting flight to phuket or other places(PS: Book through Thai air, they have frequent connecting flights between bangkok and phuket which you can take as you land, its always better to go directly to phuket because you don’t want to waste your vacation time whiling away at bangkok hotels,yes it may over-strain you, specially the passengers coming from Europe and America but it is worth it,Also do buy an AIS sim from airport before you start your jouney, for being connected. AIS is no doubt having the best 4G data speed service across the country,It has a lot of free WIFI hotspots that you can top into everywhere,even on certain islands.The connectivity is amazing plus it can be recharged from any mom and pop shop.

Season for travelling is generally considered between November and early April.But you will find tourist all year round(Don’t listen to people saying don’t visit in off season, do visit in off season as the tourist population is way low and the hotel prices are way cheaper)


Phuket Island , is Thailand’s largest at 48km in length and 21km at its widest.Its on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges. Being a big island, Phuket is surrounded by many magnificent beaches such as Rawai, Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kata Yai, Kata Noi, and Mai Khao. Laem Phromthep Viewpoint is said to feature the most beautiful sunsets in Thailand and is a must see.Some famous attractions are:

1. Phuket FantaSea Show

Phuket FantaSea Show, or Fantasy of a Kingdom, is a Las Vegas style Thai cultural show infused with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements. The essence of being Thai, everything from the love for freedom and fun, courage and compassion, is being represented in each scene.The whole gala includes a delicious dinner buffet and a pick and drop service through a cab services from your resort/hotel.You should not miss this show at any cost.

2. Phi Phi islands

Though Phi phi island is closer to krabi then Phuket, but we would recommend you to finish this tour while you are at phuket as there are other island day tours that you can take when you are in krabi(Like the four island tour and the under sea walk near Coral island).Phi Phi island can be visited by speedboat and as well through a luxury cruise.The Phi Phi Islands Tour by Speedboat gives you a day of exploring the most stunning sights around these very popular and very beautiful islands in Southern Thailand. This includes such remarkable places as Maya Bay, made famous by the movie The Beach, as well as Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. The advantage of travelling by speedboat is the fact that it can get from one point of interest to the next much quicker than the alternatives.

3. Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay gives you a unique, personal perspective of this amazing part of the world. The striking limestone islands and caves are a wonder to behold and the small sea kayak is the only way to get right up close, though the smallest channels and into to beautiful secret lagoons which are inaccessible by any larger boat, providing fantastic views of nature at its finest. You will be taken out to the best spots – such as Hong Island, Panak Island and the famous James Bond Island – on a large cruiser, transferring into kayaks to explore each.

4. Phuket walking street-Bangla Road

Now if you are travelling with small children’s, this place is a strict no no.If you are single, or a cute couple wanting to explore Phuket’s Nightlife, you can head on down to this street where you will find top bars like the Crazy horse and world class discotheques like ILLUSION and many others(Don’t forget the sensuous dancing girls……where????……EVERYWHERE).This place is one stop that no single person want to miss if you know what i mean (wink wink).You have the ping pong show or even live f***ing shows if you are up for it(Quite expensive and definitely not recommended).Remember photograph with ladyboys will be charged(ain’t no free lunches here honey).

5. Although there are many day tours and city tours in Phuket, but keeping in mind your time limitation and own personal resting time,we would recommend taking a bite of everything phuket has to offer and move on to Krabi.



1. Krabi has the most astounding beauty and scenery Thailand has to offer.It is still not that populated with tourist as Pattaya and Phuket, but the real beauty of landscape is seen when you travel to Krabi from Phuket by Road.The road is a beautiful stretch and it takes around 3-4 hours from Phuket to reach Krabi.

2. You can go to 4 island tour which is most sold tour for tourist, the coral island tour along with water sports and many other options.There are many tours and travels operators along the main street of Aoa Nang from where you can get this booked.

3. Do visit the Panan Krabi resort while you are at Krabi, The resort has a pool at 5th floor just opposite a view of a beautiful cliff having sea at its right hand side.The view is breathtaking and is sure to let your selfie stick come out of hiding.

4. Many restaurants of all cuisine are available in the area of Ao Nang where most of the resorts and hotels are located for taste of local as well as international delicacies.

5. Being a less populated destination, you can really enjoy your walk to different resorts and places.

6. From Krabi you can take a flight to BKK(Bangkok) and then prearrange a airport pick up to your resort to Pattaya.(Grab taxi App is very popular in thailand and almost everytime gives you convenient rate for your fare.You can also book through local travel operators.

7. Check out Amy’s bar in krabi(Ao Nang) while you are there, you won’t regret it(Again not for people with kids, sorry).



1. Pattaya is always booming on for fun. From sunrise to sunset, Pattaya’s beaches are constantly brimming with life, as water sports lovers and fishermen go out in water. After dark, the action shifts to the streets, as revellers explore its electrified nightlife scene, where drinking and partying continue until dawn. Apart from water sports and nightlife, Pattaya offers endless possibilities when it comes to accommodation and entertainment. It has outgrown its image as a seedy beach town to a destination for a wider audience,whether couples, families or business travellers, Pattaya has something for everyone. Only 147km from Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest of Thailand’s major beach resorts to the capital city.

2. You can sign up for water sports or island tours from numerous tour and travel operators here also.(you can find them along pattaya walking street)(Pattaya walking street, is similar to bangla road of Phuket, a little dud than Phuket but also an amazing place to hang out in the evening,numerous food options).

3. Their are two hot shows,(do not miss these shows),One is Tiffany’s cabaret show and other one is Alcazar show, both are in Pattaya,they are world class in their own terms.People from all over the world come to see these events.But yeah if you have seen the cabaret of LAS VEGAS, then please do not compare these with them.Each country has their own ups and down and we should respect the culture,art of expression and delivery of every ethnicity.

4. Now, very few know of this gem called Pattaya floating market, its an awesome place. Local delicacies ,like baby octopus, mango fried egg and a lot of different options are available here for you to try and fill your tummy and as you guessed it correctly, you can take a tour in a floating kayak , manned by a person and roam through the market.Their is a superb wine seller in this market where you can find good quality wine(local) to drink with your better half or….wink wink.Market has a huge range of products, where you can shop till your hearts content and have reasonable prices.

5. Their are many tours of city and statue of buddha also known as Wat Phra Khao Yai (“Big Buddha Hill”) where you can go for peace and tranquility and for appreciating the thai buddhism culture.(Specially after the wild party night, your body deserves a break from alcohol & wink wink, trust me).Positioned nearly 100 metres above sea level, it watches over Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches from its position on the hill dividing the two. The temple complex around the highly detailed golden seated Buddha creates a reflective mood in its many visitors thanks to its many bells, burning incense, numerous smaller statues and impressive views over the area. Not just tourist attraction, the site is an active temple, with locals frequently visiting to pray.

6. Other tours and attraction if you have time are easy to find through any tours and travel operator.

Note:(Remember whenever you book your hotels, it should be so located, so that you can easily walk to nearby places where everything is available( like the pattaya walking street ,etc etc), this will save you money in terms of cab fare which can easily escalate based on various timings of rush hour.Use this money to party instead of wasting it from travelling to one place or the other.)


1. Bangkok is famous as a buyer’s paradise, you can get anything and everything here.Its cheap, its good(but be careful though,some items are pirated too, be careful if you are purchasing electronics items). Pratunam and indra market(indra square) are the two popular destination for clothes and electronics .Do bargain a lot, if you insist, only then they will crack and sell you at your price.

2. You can find many food joints along malls and popular places, feel free to have a look around for halal and sandwiches, fried local cuisines or Thai food.Following thai local cuisines are very popular and you must try them:


a. Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)
b. Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)
c. Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)
d. Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)
e. Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)(my favourite,i recommend it for sure)
f. Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

There are a lot more cuisines to go for, you should just head out of your hotel, and search around.Remember don’t go searching for restaurants, try the local street food.That will have the real flavor of thai people and their dishes.(health conscious people please don’t worry, its all good).

3. Bangkok has all the fun that you can think from nightclubs, cabaret show,city tours for partying to the famous golden buddha and sleeping buddha temple for peace and meditation .Its up to you to choose and decide where you really want to go.

4. As there are so many options in Bangkok, that your head will burst if you keep thinking about them, you must plan your visit a day prior so that you can cover everything you have planned for because time flies if you don’t know where to go.

I hope i have given a overview of the visit you are going to make in thailand, if you have any doubt regarding your travel or the blog post(all positive and negative comments are welcome,may be we might learn from you), you can write in the comment section,you can subscribe to us and discuss the blog post in our forums along with other members. You can also write to [email protected] for a personal reply by one of our authors.God bless you all,take care and best of luck.


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